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2012Physical exercise on the rat ventral prostate: Steroid hormone receptors, apoptosis and cell proliferationTeixeira, GR; Favaro, WJ; Pinheiro, PFF; Chuffa, LGA; Amorim, JPA; Mendes, LO; Fioruci, BA; Oba, E; Martins, OA; Martinez, M; Martinez, FE-Artigo de periódico
2013Characterization of Chemically Induced Ovarian Carcinomas in an Ethanol-Preferring Rat Model: Influence of Long-Term Melatonin TreatmentChuffa, LGA; Fioruci-Fontanelli, BA; Mendes, LO; Favaro, WJ; Pinheiro, PFF; Martinez, M; Martinez, FE-Artigo de periódico
2010Alcoholism and coagulating gland: Androgen and insulin like growth factor-1 receptor featuresMontico, F; Favaro, WJ; Candido, EM; Martinez, M; Pinheiro, PFF; Martinez, FE; Cagnon, VHA-Artigo de periódico
2011Variations in maternal care alter corticosterone and 17beta-estradiol levels, estrous cycle and folliculogenesis and stimulate the expression of estrogen receptors alpha and beta in the ovaries of UCh ratsAmorim, JPA; Chuffa, LGA; Teixeira, GR; Mendes, LO; Fioruci, BA; Martins, OA; Mello, W; Anselmo-Franci, JA; Pinheiro, PFF; Martinez, M; Martinez, FE-Artigo de periódico
2011Long-Term Exogenous Melatonin Treatment Modulates Overall Feed Efficiency and Protects Ovarian Tissue Against Injuries Caused by Ethanol-Induced Oxidative Stress in Adult UChB RatsChuffa, LGA; Amorim, JPA; Teixeira, GR; Mendes, LO; Fioruci, BA; Pinheiro, PFF; Seiva, FRF; Novelli, ELB; de Mello, W; Martinez, M; Almeida-Francia, CCD; Martinez, FE-Artigo de periódico
2013Chronic Ethanol Consumption Alters All-Trans-Retinoic Acid Concentration and Expression of Their Receptors on the Prostate: A Possible Link Between Alcoholism and Prostate DamageFontanelli, BAF; Chuffa, LGA; Teixeira, GR; Amorim, JPA; Mendes, LO; Pinheiro, PFF; Kurokawa, CS; Pereira, S; Favaro, WJ; Martins, OA; Mello, W; Martinez, M; Rugolo, A; Martinez, FE-Artigo de periódico
2013Melatonin and ethanol intake exert opposite effects on circulating estradiol and progesterone and differentially regulate sex steroid receptors in the ovaries, oviducts, and uteri of adult ratsChuffa, LGA; Seiva, FRF; Favaro, WJ; Amorim, JPA; Teixeira, GR; Mendes, LO; Fioruci-Fontanelli, BA; Pinheiro, PFF; Martinez, M; Martinez, FE-Artigo de periódico
2011Mast Cells and Ethanol Consumption: Interactions in the Prostate, Epididymis and Testis of UChB RatsMendes, LO; Amorim, JPA; Teixeira, GR; Chuffa, LGA; Fioruci, BA; Pimentel, TA; de Mello, W; Padovani, CR; Pereira, S; Martinez, M; Pinheiro, PFF; Oliani, SM; Martinez, FE-Artigo de periódico