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2007Insulin And Angiotensin Ii Signaling Pathways Cross-talk: Implications With The Association Between Diabetes Mellitus, Arterial Hypertension And Cardiovascular Disease [cross-talk Das Vias De Sinalização De Insulina E Angiotensina Ii: Implicações Com A Associação Entre Diabetes Mellitus E Hipertensão Arterial E Doença Cardiovascular]De Carvalho-Filho M.A.; Carvalheira J.B.C.; Velloso L.A.; Saad M.J.A.-Artigo de periódico
2013Toll-like Receptor 4, F4/80 And Pro-infammatory Cytokines In Intestinal And Mesenteric Fat Tissue Of Crohn's DiseaseLeal R.F.; Milanski M.; Ayrizono M.L.S.; Coope A.; Rodrigues V.S.; Portovedo M.; Oliveira L.M.F.; Fagundes J.J.; Coy C.S.R.; Velloso L.A.-Artigo de periódico
2013Hypothalamic Ampk Activation Blocks Lipopolysaccharide Inhibition Of Glucose Production In Mice LiverSantos G.A.; Moura R.F.; Vitorino D.C.; Roman E.A.F.R.; Torsoni A.S.; Velloso L.A.; Torsoni M.A.-Artigo de periódico
2013Autophagy And Proinfl Ammatory Cytokine Expression In The Intestinal Mucosa And Mesenteric Fat Tissue Of Patients With Crohn's Disease [autofagia E Expressão De Citocinas Pró-infl Amatórias Na Mucosa Intestinal E No Tecido Mesenterial De Pacientes Com Doença De Crohn]Leal R.F.; Milanski M.; Coy C.S.R.; Portovedo M.; Rodrigues V.S.; Coope A.; Ayrizono M.L.S.; Fagundes J.J.; Velloso L.A.-Artigo de periódico
2005Short-term inhibition of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-γ coactivator-1α expression reverses diet-induced diabetes mellitus and hepatic steatosis in miceDe Souza C.T.; Velloso L.A.; Boschero A.C.; Saad M.J.A.; Prada P.O.; Araujo E.P.-Artigo
2003Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor γ coactivator-1-dependent uncoupling protein-2 expression in pancreatic islets of rats: a novel pathway for neural control of insulin SecretionDe Souza C.T.; Carvalheira J.B.; Araujo E.P.; Pereira-da-Silva M.; Gasparetti A.L.; Carneiro E.M.; Boschero A.C.; Saad M.J.A.; Velloso L.A.-Artigo
2003Interaction between leptin and insulin signaling pathways differentially affects jak-stat and Pl 3-kinase-mediated signaling in rat liverCarvalheira J.B.C.; Ribeiro E.B.; Folli F.; Saad M.J.A.; Velloso L.A.-Artigo
2006Tumor necrosis factor-α activates signal transduction in hypothalamus and modulates the expression of pro-inflammatory proteins and orexigenic/anorexigenic neurotransmittersNadruz W.; Franchini K.G.; Barbuio R.; Saad M.J.A.; Barbosa H.C.; Boschero A.C.; Romanatto T.; Velloso L.A.; Bertolo M.B.; Milanski M.; Amaral M.E.-Artigo
1995Angiotensin II induces tyrosine phosphorylation of insulin receptor substrate 1 and its association with phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase in rat heartSaad M.J.A.; Carvalho C.R.O.; Velloso L.A.-Artigo
2006The multi-faceted cross-talk between the insulin and angiotensin II signaling systemsPerego L.; Velloso L.A.; Saad M.J.A.; Folli F.-Artigo
2007A central role for neuronal adenosine 5′-monophosphate-activated protein kinase in cancer-induced anorexiaSaad M.J.A.; Ropelle E.R.; Morari J.; Zecchin K.G.; Faria M.C.; Pauli J.R.; Velloso L.A.; Ueno M.; De Souza C.T.; Carvalheira J.B.C.-Artigo
2007Extra-pancreatic insulin production in rat lachrymal gland after streptozotocin-induced islet β-cells destructionAndrade Cunha D.; Boschero A.C.; De Alves M.C.; Rocha E.M.; Velloso L.A.; Carneiro E.M.; Modulo C.M.; Stoppiglia L.F.; Saad M.J.A.; Jorge A.G.-Artigo
2008Statin modulates insulin signaling and insulin resistance in liver and muscle of rats fed a high-fat dietCintra D.E.; Prada P.O.; Saad M.J.A.; Velloso L.A.; Pauli J.R.; Lalli C.A.; Ropelle E.R.-Artigo
2002The influence of aging in the insulin-signaling system in rat exocrine glandsRocha E.M.; Velloso L.A.; Carvalho C.R.O.; Saad M.J.A.-Artigo
2002Insulin,iInsulin receptor and insulin-like growth factor-i receptor on the human ocular surfaceRocha E.M.; Boschero A.C.; Cunha D.A.; Carneiro E.M.; Velloso L.A.; Saad M.J.A.-Artigo
2003Reversal of denervation-induced, insulin resistance by ship2 protein synthesis blockadeAmaral M.E.C.; Bertelli D.F.; Saad M.J.A.; Toyama M.H.; Carvalho C.R.O.; Marangoni S.; Carneiro E.M.; Ueno M.; Velloso L.A.; Boschero A.C.-Artigo
2002Modulation of growth hormone signal transduction in kidneys of streptozotocin-induced diabetic animals: effect of a growth hormone receptor antagonistAraujo E.P.; Thirone A.C.P.; Gasparetti A.L.; Scarlett J.A.; Lima M.H.L.; Velloso L.A.; Carvalho C.R.O.; Saad M.J.A.-Artigo
2005β3-adrenergic-dependent and -independent mechanisms participate in cold-induced modulation of insulin signal transduction in brown adipose tissue of ratsHirata A.E.; Alvarez-Rojas F.; De Araujo E.P.; Gasparetti A.L.; Velloso L.A.; Saad M.J.A.-Artigo