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2015Apoplastic And Intracellular Plant Sugars Regulate Developmental Transitions In Witches' Broom Disease Of CacaoBarau J.; Grandis A.; Carvalho V.M.D.A.; Teixeira G.S.; Zaparoli G.H.A.; Do Rio M.C.S.; Rincones J.; Buckeridge M.S.; Pereira G.A.G.-Artigo de periódico
2010The Biotechnology Roadmap For Sugarcane ImprovementHotta C.T.; Lembke C.G.; Domingues D.S.; Ochoa E.A.; Cruz G.M.Q.; Melotto-Passarin D.M.; Marconi T.G.; Santos M.O.; Mollinari M.; Margarido G.R.A.; Crivellari A.C.; dos Santos W.D.; de Souza A.P.; Hoshino A.A.; Carrer H.; Souza A.P.; Garcia A.A.F.; Buckeridge M.S.; Menossi M.; van Sluys M.-A.; Souza G.M.-Artigo de periódico
2009Expression Pattern Of Four Storage Xyloglucan Mobilization-related Genes During Seedling Development Of The Rain Forest Tree Hymenaea Courbaril L.Brandao A.D.; Del Bem L.E.V.; Vincentz M.; Buckeridge M.S.-Artigo de evento
2006Endo-β-mannanase From The Endosperm Of Seeds Of Sesbania Virgata (cav.) Pers. (leguminosae): Purification, Characterisation And Its Dual Role In Germination And Early Seedling GrowthLisboa C.G.S.; Tonini P.P.; Tine M.A.S.; Buckeridge M.S.-Artigo de periódico
2008Elevated Co2 Increases Photosynthesis, Biomass And Productivity, And Modifies Gene Expression In SugarcaneDe Souza A.P.; Gaspar M.; Da Silva E.A.; Ulian E.C.; Waclawovsky A.J.; Nishiyama Jr. M.Y.; Dos Santos R.V.; Teixeira M.M.; Souza G.M.; Buckeridge M.S.-Artigo de periódico
1996Characterization Of Storage Cell Wall Polysaccharides From Brazilian Legume Seeds And The Formation Of Aqueous Two-phase SystemsFranco T.T.; Rodrigues N.R.; Serra G.E.; Panegassi V.R.; Buckeridge M.S.-Artigo de evento