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1999Theoretical studies of Nile Red by ab initio and semiempirical methodsDias, LC; Custodio, R; Pessine, FBTArtigo de periódico
2006Spirofungins A and B: a reassignment of Kiyota's spiroketalsde Oliveira, LG; Dias, LC; Sakauchi, H; Kiyota, HArtigo de periódico
2012The Role of beta-Bulky Substituents in Aldol Reactions of Boron Enolates of Methylketones with Aldehydes: Experimental and Theoretical Studies by DFT AnalysisDias, LC; de Lucca, EC; Ferreira, MAB; Garcia, DC; Tormena, CFArtigo de periódico
2001Towards the total synthesis of stawamycin. Synthesis of C11-C21 fragment.Dias, LC; Jardim, LSA; Ferreira, AA; Soarez, HUArtigo de periódico
2012Total Synthesis of (-)-GoniotrioninDias, LC; Ferreira, MABArtigo de periódico
2005Total synthesis of the potent antitumor polyketide (-)-callystatin ADias, LC; Meira, PRRArtigo de periódico
2005Total synthesis of (+)-crocacin DDias, LC; de Oliveira, LG; Vilcachagua, JD; Nigsch, FArtigo de periódico
2009Total Synthesis of Pteridic Acids A and BDias, LC; Salles, AGArtigo de periódico
2003Total synthesis of (-)-pironetinDias, LC; de Oliveira, LG; de Sousa, MAArtigo de periódico
2001Total synthesis of (+)-crocacin CDias, LC; de Oliveira, LGArtigo de periódico
2005Total synthesis of the potent immunosuppressant (-)-PironetinDias, LC; de Oliveira, LG; de Sousa, MA; Ellensohn, RMArtigo de periódico
2008Total synthesis of (-)-basiliskamide BDias, LC; Goncalves, CDSArtigo de periódico
2010Total Synthesis of (-)- Basiliskamide A and NMR Studies on the Conversion of Basiliskamide A to Basiliskamide BDias, LC; Goncalves, CCSArtigo de periódico
2004TOPS-MODE based QSARs derived from heterogeneous series of compounds. Applications to the design of new anti-inflammatory compoundsGonzalez, MP; Dias, LC; Helguera, AM; Rodriguez, YM; de Oliveira, LG; Gomez, LT; Diaz, HGArtigo de periódico
2005Orbital interactions and their effects on C-13 NMR chemical shifts for 4,6-disubstituted-2,2-dimethyl-1,3-dioxanes. A theoretical studyTormena, CF; Dias, LC; Rittner, RArtigo de periódico
2003Allyltrichlorostannane additions to chiral aldehydesDias, LC; dos Santos, DR; Steil, LJArtigo de periódico
2001Allyltrichlorostannane additions to chiral dipeptide aldehydesDias, LC; Ferreira, EArtigo de periódico
2003Allyltrichlorostannane additions to alpha-amino aldehydes: Application to the total synthesis of the aspartyl protease inhibitors L-682,679, L-684,414, L-685,434, and L-685,458Dias, LC; Diaz, G; Ferreira, AA; Meira, PRR; Ferriera, EArtigo de periódico
2006Studies on the total synthesis of sanglifehrin A: stereoselective synthesis of the C(29)-C(39) fragmentDias, LC; Salles, AGArtigo de periódico
2007Stereoselective synthesis of the 6,6-spiroketal core of CP-61,405 (routiennocin)Dias, LC; Correia, VG; Finelli, FGArtigo de periódico