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2015Calorimetric And Light Scattering Investigations Of The Transition From Spherical To Wormlike Micelles Of C(14)tab Triggered By SalicylateIto; Thiago Heiji; Rodrigues; Roberta Kamei; Loh; Watson; Sabadini; Edvaldo-Artigo de periódico
2015A Rehage-hoffmann Rheological Approach To Worm-like Micelles Of C(16)tab And Ortho-hydroxycinnamateClinckspoor; Karl Jan; Ito; Thiago Heiji; Sabadini; Edvaldo-Artigo de periódico
2016The Thermal Signature Of Wormlike MicellesIto; Thiago Heiji; Clinckspoor; Karl Jan; de Souza; Renato Nunes; Sabadini; Edvaldo-Artigo de periódico
2016Liquid-liquid Phase Diagrams Of Poly(ethylene Glycol) And Aromatic HydrocarbonsSant'anna; Walcyr; Jr.; Sabadini; Edvaldo-Artigo de periódico
2016Dynamics Of Drop Impact Against Surfaces Covered With Langmuir-blodgett LayersGoncalves; Natalia; Miranda; Paulo B.; Sabadini; Edvaldo-Artigo
2016Generation Of A Chiral Giant MicelleIto; Thiago H.; Salles; Airton G.; Priebe; Jacks P.; Miranda; Paulo C. M. L.; Morgon; Nelson H.; Danino; Dganit; Mancini; Giovanna; Sabadini; Edvaldo-Artigo
2016Tailoring Of Wormlike Micelles As Hydrodynamic Drag Reducers For Gravel-pack In Oil Field OperationsRodrigues; Roberta K.; Folsta; Mauricio G.; Martins; Andre L.; Sabadini; Edvaldo-Artigo
2016Dynamical Aspects Of Water-poly(ethylene Glycol) Solutions Studied By H-1 NmrJora; Manazael Z.; Cardoso; Marcus V. C.; Sabadini; Edvaldo-Artigo
2016Dynamics of Drop Impact Against Surfaces Covered with Langmuir-Blodgett LayersGonçalves; Natália; Miranda; Paulo B.; Sabadini; Edvaldo-research-article