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2018Structural transformations of carbon and boron nitride nanoscrolls at high impact collisionsWoellner, C. F.; Machado, L. D.; Autreto, P. A. S.; Sousa, J. M. de; Galvão, D. S.-Artigo
2018Virtually imprinted polymers (VIPs): understanding molecularly templated materials via molecular dynamics simulationsZink, S.; Moura, F. A.; Autreto, P. Alves da Silva; Galvão, D. S.; Mizaikoff, B.-Artigo
2018Insights on the mechanism of water-alcohol separation in multilayer graphene oxide membranes: entropic versus enthalpic factorsBorges, D. D.; Woellner, C. F.; Autreto, P. A. S.; Galvão, D. S.-Artigo
2018Efficient prediction of suitable functional monomers for molecular imprinting via local density of states calculationsZink, S.; Moura, F. A.; Alves da Silva Autreto, P.; Galvão, D. S.; Mizaikoff, B.-Artigo
2018Differences in the mechanical properties of monolayer and multilayer WSe2/MoSe2Jaques, Y. M.; Manimunda, P.; Nakanishi, Y.; Susarla, S.; Woellner, C. F.; Bhowmick, S.; Asif, S. A. S.; Galvão, D. S.; Tiwary, C. S.; Ajayan, P. M.-Artigo
2019Elastic properties of graphyne-based nanotubesSousa, J. M. de; Bizao, R. A.; Sousa Filho, V. P.; Aguiar, A. L.; Coluci, V. R.; Pugno, N. M.; Girao, E. C.; Souza Filho, A. G.; Galvão, D. S.-Artigo
Dec-20193D printed tubulanes as lightweight hypervelocity impact resistant structuresSajadi, Seyed Mohammad; Woellner, Cristiano F.; Ramesh, Prathyush; Eichmann, Shannon L.; Sun, Qiushi; Boul, Peter J.; Thaemlitz, Carl J.; Rahman, Muhammad M.; Baughman, Ray H.; Galvão, Douglas S.; Tiwary, Chandra Sekhar; Ajayan, Pulickel M.; Sajadi, S. M.; Woellner, C. F.; Ramesh, P.; Eichmann, S. L.; Sun, Q. S.; Boul, P. J.; Thaemlitz, C. J.; Rahman, M. M.; Baughman, R. H.; Galvão, D. S.; Tiwary, C. S.; Ajayan, P. M.-Artigo
2008Entanglement and the nonlinear elastic behavior of forests of coiled carbon nanotubesColuci, V. R.; Fonseca, A. F.; Galvão, D. S.; Daraio, C.-Artigo
2017Nanoscale deformation and friction characteristics of atomically thin WSe2 and heterostructure using nanoscratch and Raman spectroscopyManimunda, P.; Nakanishi, Y.; Jaques, Y. M.; Susarla, S.; Woellner, C. F.; Bhowmick, S.; Asif, S. A. S.; Galvão, D. S.; Tiwary, C. S.; Ajayan, P. M.-Artigo
2017Nanodroplets behavior on graphdiyne membranesJaques, Y. M.; Galvão, D. S.-Artigo
2017High toughness in ultralow density graphene oxide foamOwuor, P. S.; Woellner, C. F.; Li, T.; Vinod, S.; Ozden, S.; Kosolwattana, S.; Bhowmick, S.; Duy, L. X.; Salvatierra, R. V.; Wei, B. Q.; Asif, S. A. S.; Tour, J. M.; Vajtai, R.; Lou, J.; Galvão, D. S.; Tiwary, C. S.; Ajayan, P. M.-Artigo
2017Lightweight hexagonal boron nitride foam for CO2 absorptionOwuor, P. S.; Park, O.-K.; Woellner, C. F.; Jalilov, A. S.; Susarla, S.; Joyner, J.; Ozden, S.; Duy, L. X.; Salvatierra, R. V.; Vajtai, R.; Tour, J. M.; Lou, J.; Galvão, D. S.; Tiwary, C. S.; Ajayan, P. M.-Artigo
2017Unprecedented mechanical response of the lattice thermal conductivity of auxetic carbon crystalsHan, Y.; Zhou, Y.; Qin, G.; Dong, J.; Galvão, D. S.; Hu, M.-Artigo
2014Designing nanoscaled hybrids from atomic layered boron nitride with silver nanoparticle depositionGao, G.; Mathkar, A.; Martins, E. P.; Galvão, D. S.; Gao, D. Y.; Autreto, P. A. S.; Sun, C. J.; Cai, L.; Ajayan, P. M.-Artigo
2016Torsional "superplasticity" of graphyne nanotubesSousa, J. M. de; Brunetto, G.; Coluci, V. R.; Galvão, D. S.-Artigo
2016Mechano-chemical Stabilization Of Three-dimensional Carbon Nanotube AggregatesKoizumi, R.; Hart, A. H. C.; Brunetto, G.; Bhowmick, S.; Owuor, P. S.; Hamel, J. T.; Gentles, A. X.; Ozden, S.; Lou, J.; Vajtai, R.; Asif, S. A. S.; Galvão, D. S.; Tiwary, C. S.; Ajayan, P. M.-Artigo
2016Defect-free Carbon Nanotube CoilsShadmi, N.; Kremen, A.; Frenkel, Y.; Lapin, Z. J.; Machado, L. D.; Legoas, S. B.; Bitton, O.; Rechav, K.; Popovitz-Biro, R.; Galvão, D. S.; Jorio, A.; Novotny, L.; Kalisky, B.; Joselevich, E.-Artigo
2016Strain Rate Dependent Shear Plasticity In Graphite OxideVinod, S.; Tiwary, C. S.; Machado, L. D.; Ozden, S.; Cho, J.; Shaw, P.; Vajtai, R.; Galvão, D. S.; Ajayan, P. M.-Artigo
2016Strong, Twist-stable Carbon Nanotube Yarns And Muscles By Tension Annealing At Extreme TemperaturesDi, J.; Fang, S.; Moura, F. A.; Galvão, D. S.; Bykova, J.; Aliev, A.; Andrade, M. J. de; Lepro, X.; Li, N.; Haines, C.; Ovalle-Robles, R.; Qian, D.; Baughman, R. H.-Artigo
2015Hierarchically buckled sheath-core fibers for superelastic electronics, sensors, and musclesLiu, Z. F.; Fang, S.; Moura, F. A.; Ding, J. N.; Jiang, N.; Di, J.; Zhang, M.; Lepró, X.; Galvão, D. S.; Haines, C. S.; Yuan, N. Y.; Yin, S. G.; Lee, D. W.; Wang, R.; Wang, H. Y.; Lv, W.; Dong, C.; Zhang, R. C.; Chen, M. J.; Yin, Q.; Chong, Y. T.; Zhang, R.; Wang, X.; Lima, M. D.; Ovalle-Robles, R.; Qian, D.; Lu, H.; Baughman, R. H.-Artigo