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2001Candida Spp. Biotypes In The Oral Cavity Of School Children From Different Socioeconomic Categories In Piracicaba-sp, Brazil.Moreira D.; Spolidorio D.M.; Rodrigues J.A.; Boriollo M.F.; Pereira C.V.; Rosa E.A.; Hofling J.F.-Artigo de periódico
2011Evaluation Of Antifungal Activity Of Medicinal Plant Extracts Against Oral Candida Albicans And ProteinasesHofling J.F.; Mardegan R.C.; Anibal P.C.; Furletti V.F.; Foglio M.A.-Artigo de periódico
2011Periodontal Conditions And Prevalence Of Putative Periodontopathogens And Candida Spp. In Insulin-dependent Type 2 Diabetic And Non-diabetic Patients With Chronic Periodontitis - A Pilot StudySardi J.C.O.; Duque C.; Camargo G.A.C.G.; Hofling J.F.; Gonalves R.B.-Artigo de periódico
2010Antimicrobial Potential Of Some Plant Extracts Against Candida Species [potencial Antimicrobiano De Extratos De Plantas Na Inibição De Leveduras Do Gênero Candida]Hofling J.F.; Anibal P.C.; Obando-Pereda G.A.; Peixoto I.A.T.; Furletti V.F.; Foglio M.A.; Goncalves R.B.-Artigo de periódico
2009Genetic Polymorphism Of Streptococcus Mutans Strains Associated With Incomplete Caries RemovalDuque C.; de Cassia Negrini T.; Sacono N.T.; Gomes Boriollo M.F.; Hofling J.F.; Hebling J.; Palomari Spolidorio D.M.-Artigo de periódico
2009Enhanced Susceptibility Of Candida Albicans To Chlorhexidine Under AnoxiaSemprebom A.M.; Isidoro A.C.A.; Machado M.A.N.; Campelo P.M.S.; Hofling J.F.; Samaranayake L.P.; Rosa E.A.R.-Artigo de periódico
2004Evaluation Of Biochemical And Serological Methods To Identify And Clustering Yeast Cells Of Oral Candida Species By Chromagar Test, Sds-page And Elisa.Rodrigues J.A.; Hofling J.F.; Tavares F.C.; Duarte K.M.; Goncalves R.B.; Azevedo R.A.-Artigo de periódico
1989Antimicrobial Action Evaluation Of Two Hospital Disinfectants [avaliacao Da Acao Antimicrobiana De Dois Desinfetantes Hospitalares]Correa I.; Hofling J.F.-Artigo de periódico
1999Main Techniques Employed In The Molecular Epidemiology Of Candida SpeciesHofling J.F.; Rosa E.A.R.-Artigo de periódico
1999Preliminary Characterization And Grouping Of Candida Species By Numerical Analysis Of Protein Profiles Obtained By Polyacrylamide Gel ElectrophoresisHofling J.F.; Campos A.S.; Pereira C.V.; Rosa R.T.; Rosa E.A.R.-Artigo de periódico
1998Electrophoresis And Immunoelectrophoresis In Mice Bearing Ehrlich's Ascites TumorVerlengia R.; Spolidorio D.M.P.; Hofling J.F.-Artigo de periódico
2013Antifungal Activity Of The Ethanolic Extracts Of Punica Granatum L. And Evaluation Of The Morphological And Structural Modifications Of Its Compounds Upon The Cells Of Candida SppAnibal P.C.; Peixoto I.T.A.; Foglio M.A.; Hofling J.F.-Artigo de periódico