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2016Direct Visualization Of Neurotransmitters In Rat Brain Slices By Desorption Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry Imaging (desi - Ms)Fernandes; Anna Maria A. P.; Vendramini; Pedro H.; Galaverna; Renan; Schwab; Nicolas V.; Alberici; Luciane C.; Augusti; Rodinei; Castilho; Roger F.; Eberlin; Marcos N.-Artigo
2016Catiomers And Aniomers: Unique Classes Of Isomeric IonsTata; Alessandra; Eberlin; Marcos N.-Carta
2015Petroleomics By Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry: Resolution And Characterization Of Contaminants And Additives In Crude Oils And PetrofuelsSantos; Jandyson Machado; Galaverna; Renan de S.; Pudenzi; Marcos A.; Schmidt; Eduardo M.; Sanders; Nathaniel L.; Kurulugama; Ruwan T.; Mordehai; Alex; Stafford; George C.; Wisniewski; Alberto; Jr.; Eberlin; Marcos N.-Artigo de periódico
2016Immediate Differentiation Of Unusual Seed Oils By Easy Ambient Sonic-spray Ionization Mass Spectrometry And Chemometric Analysisdos Santos; Fabio N.; Santos; Jandyson M.; Mesquita; Paulo R. R.; Oliveira; Karla B.; Rodrigues; Frederico M.; Lopes; Wilson A.; Eberlin; Marcos N.-Artigo
2016Using The L/o Ratio To Determine Blend Composition In Biodiesel By Easi-ms Corroborated By Gc-fid And Gc-msde Souza; Vanderlea; Schantz; Michele; Mateus; Vinicius L.; Alberici; Rosana M.; do Rego; Eliane C. P.; Rocha; Werickson F.; Rodrigues; Janaina M.; Eberlin; Marcos N.-Artigo de periódico
2015Wood Chemotaxonomy Via Esi-ms Profiles Of Phytochemical Markers: The Challenging Case Of African Versus Brazilian Mahogany WoodsFasciotti; Maira; Alberici; Rosana M.; Cabral; Elaine C.; Cunha; Valnei S.; Silva; Paulo R. M.; Darodaa; Romeu J.; Eberlin; Marcos N.-Artigo de periódico
2016Assessing Relative Electrospray Ionization, Atmospheric Pressure Photoionization, Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionization, And Atmospheric Pressure Photo- And Chemical Ionization Efficiencies In Mass Spectrometry Petroleomic Analysis Via Pools And Pairs Of Selected Polar Compound StandardsPudenzi; Marcos A.; Eberlin; Marcos N.-Artigo
2016Charge Tags For Most Comprehensive Esi-ms Monitoring Of Morita-baylis-hillman (mbh)/aza-mbh Reactions: Solid Mechanistic View And The Dualistic Role Of The Charge Tagged AcrylateGalaverna; Renan; Camilo; Nilton S.; Godoi; Marla N.; Coelho; Fernando; Eberlin; Marcos N.-Artigo
2016Fullerenes In Asphaltenes And Other Carbonaceous Materials: Natural Constituents Or Laser ArtifactsSantos; Vanessa G.; Fasciotti; Maira; Pudenzi; Marcos A.; Klitzke; Clecio F.; Nascimento; Heliara L.; Pereira; Rosana C. L.; Bastos; Wagner L.; Eberlin; Marcos N.-Artigo
2016Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence Profile Of Some Brazilian Postage StampsSchwab; Nicolas V.; Da-Col; Jose Augusto; Meyer; Peter; Bueno; Maria I. M. S.; Eberlin; Marcos N.-Artigo
2016Energy Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence Profile of Some Brazilian Postage StampsSchwab; Nicolas V.; Da-Col; José Augusto; Meyer; Peter; Bueno; Maria I. M. S.; Eberlin; Marcos N.-research-article