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2015Analysis Of The Electric Field Behavior In The Vicinity Of A Triple Junction, Using Finite Elements Method Computational SimulationsSant'Anna G.M.; Roveri D.S.; Bertan H.H.; Mologni J.F.; Braga E.S.; Robert Alves M.A.-Artigo de periódico
2011Comments On The Fcc Approval Of Finite Element Method For Biomedical TransmittersMologni J.F.; Percebon L.A.; Alves M.A.R.; Braga E.-Artigo de evento
2013Investigating Gsm Interference In Automotive Sound Systems Using State Of The Art Electromagnetic SimulationMologni J.F.; Siqueira C.L.R.; Nogueira A.; Colin A.; Alves M.A.R.; Kopp M.-Artigo de evento
2013Automotive Emc Analysis Using The Hybrid Finite Element Boundary Integral ApproachMologni J.F.; Kopp M.; Siqueira C.L.R.; Colin A.; Nogueira A.; Alves M.A.R.-Artigo de evento
2013A Hybrid Method Combining Static And Full Wave Techniques To Solve Conducted Emissions ProblemsMologni J.F.; Eguni G.; Siqueira C.L.R.; Kopp M.; Alves M.A.R.-Artigo de evento
2008Potential Nanotechnology Applications On Automotive Electrical/electronic ArchitectureMologni J.F.; Goto F.K.; Neto D.G.; Alves M.A.R.; Da Silva Braga E.; De Freitas Takeuti D.; Da Silva Braga R.-Artigo de evento
2008Design Of A Patch Antenna Using Photonic Band Gap Technology For Galileo Next Generation Gps SystemMologni J.F.; Goto F.K.; Neto D.G.; Rosati A.C.; Alves M.A.R.; Da Silva Braga E.; De Freitas Takeuti D.-Artigo de evento
2008A Time-frequency Domain Analysis Of Crosstalk Phenomenon On Lin/can Based ArchitecturesMologni J.F.; Filho J.P.; Goto F.K.; Neto D.; Fernandes M.M.; Rosati A.C.; MacIel Jr. H.-Artigo de evento
2011Full Vehicle Electromagnetic Simulation Using The Hybrid Finite Element Boundary Integral AxpproachMologni J.F.; Kopp M.; Colin A.; Alves M.A.R.; Braga E.S.-Artigo de evento