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2005Differential effect of weight loss on insulin resistance in surgically treated obese patientsMuscelli, E; Mingrone, G; Camastra, S; Manco, M; Pereira, JA; Pareja, JC; Ferrannini, E-Artigo de periódico
2001Lack of insulin inhibition on insulin secretion in non-diabetic morbidly obese patientsMuscelli, E; Pereira, JA; Lazarin, MACT; da Silva, CA; Pareja, JC; Saad, MJA-Artigo de periódico
2004Normal insulin sensitivity in lean offspring of obese parentsLazarin, MACT; Bennini, JR; Pereira, CLC; Astiarraga, BD; Ferrannini, E; Muscelli, E-Artigo de periódico
2009GLP-1 and Adiponectin: Effect of Weight Loss After Dietary Restriction and Gastric Bypass in Morbidly Obese Patients with Normal and Abnormal Glucose Metabolismde Carvalho, CP; Marin, DM; de Souza, AL; Pareja, JC; Chaim, EA; Mazon, SD; da Silva, CA; Geloneze, B; Muscelli, E; Alegre, SM-Artigo de periódico
2003Restored insulin inhibition on insulin secretion in nondiabetic severely obese patients after weight loss induced by bariatric surgeryPereira, JA; Claro, BM; Pareja, JC; Chaim, EA; Astiarraga, BD; Saad, MJA; Muscelli, E-Artigo de periódico
2003Insulin resistance in nondiabetic morbidly obese patients: Effect of bariatric surgeryPereira, JA; Lazarin, MACT; Pareja, JC; de Souza, A; Muscelli, E-Artigo de periódico
2001Lack Of Insulin Inhibition On Insulin Secretion In Non-diabetic Morbidly Obese Patients.Muscelli, E; Pereira, J A; Lazarin, M A; da Silva, C A; Pareja, J C; Saad, M J-Artigo de periódico
2003Restored Insulin Inhibition On Insulin Secretion In Nondiabetic Severely Obese Patients After Weight Loss Induced By Bariatric Surgery.Pereira, J A; Claro, B M; Pareja, J C; Chaim, E A; Astiarraga, B D; Saad, M J A; Muscelli, E-Artigo de periódico