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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)AdvisorType
1-Apr-2005Numerical methods for the dynamics of unbounded domainsMesquita, Euclides; Pavanello, Renato-Artigo de periódico
2019A consistent multiphase SPH approximation for bubble rising with moderate Reynolds numbersPatino-Narino, Edgar A.; Galvis, Andres F.; Sollero, Paulo; Pavanello, Renato; Moshkalev, Stanislav A.-Artigo
2019Topology optimization of bimorph piezoelectric energy harvesters considering variable electrode locationde Almeida, Breno, V; Cunha, Daniel C.; Pavanello, Renato-Artigo
2019Topology optimization of the thickness profile of bimorph piezoelectric energy harvesting devicesAlmeida, Breno Vincenzo de; Pavanello, Renato-Artigo
2014Definition of a P-interpolating space of hierarchical bases of finite elements on the pyramidAyala Bravo, Cedric M. A.; Pavanello, Renato; Devloo, Philippe R. B.; Calle, Jorge L. D.-Artigo
2018A dynamic model to evaluate the influence of the laying or retrieval speed on the installation and recovery of subsea equipmentTommasini, Rodrigo Batista; Carvalho, Leonardo de Oliveira; Pavanello, Renato-Artigo
2020Prediction of design loads for deep water subsea lifting operations based on non-stationary time responseTommasini, Rodrigo Batista; Pavanello, Renato; Carvalho, Leonardo de Oliveira-Artigo
2017Optimization of fluid-structure systems by eigenvalues gap separation with sensitivity analysisCasas, Walter Jesus Paucar; Pavanello, Renato-Artigo
2018Marine pipeline–seabed interaction modeling based on Kerr-type foundationAntonio, Leonardo Machado; Pavanello, Renato; Barros, Pérsio Leister de Almeida-Artigo