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2014Deposition Of Organicinorganic Hybrid Coatings Over 316l Surgical Stainless Steel And Evaluation On Vascular CellsDoro F.G.; Ramos A.P.; Schneider J.F.; Rodrigues-Filho U.P.; Veiga M.A.M.S.; Yano C.L.; Negreti A.; Krieger M.H.; Tfouni E.-Artigo de periódico
2005Adsorption Of Silanes Bearing Nitrogenated Lewis Bases On Sio 2/si (100) Model SurfacesAndresa J.S.; Reis R.M.; Gonzalez E.P.; Santos L.S.; Eberlin M.N.; Nascente P.A.D.P.; Tanimoto S.T.; Machado S.A.S.; Rodrigues-Filho U.P.-Artigo de periódico
2004Xps Analysis Of Electronic Density Of Iron Tetraazamacrocycle Through Fe 2p Binding Energies On The 3-imidazolilpropyl-modified Surface Of Oxidized N-si(100)Andresa J.S.; Moreira L.M.; Magalhaes J.L.; Gonzalez E.P.; Landers R.; Rodrigues-Filho U.P.-Artigo de evento
2012Self-assembled Hybrid Films Of Phosphotungstic Acid And Aminoalkoxysilanes On Sio 2/si SurfacesSouza A.L.; Marques L.A.; Eberlin M.N.; Nascente P.A.P.; Herrmann Jr. P.S.P.; Leite F.L.; Rodrigues-Filho U.P.-Artigo de periódico
2000Spectroscopic And Electrochemical Study Of [ru(nh3)5oh2]3+, [ru(nh3)5cl]2+, And [os(nh3)5oh2]3+ Immobilized On Thin Film Of Ti(iv) Oxide Dispersed On The Silica Gel SurfaceDo Carmo D.R.; Rodrigues-Filho U.P.; Gushikem Y.; Franco D.W.-Artigo de periódico
2013Improvement On Direct Ethanol Fuel Cell Performance By Using Doped-nafion® 117 Membranes With Pt And Pt-ru NanoparticlesBattirola L.C.; Schneider J.F.; Torriani I.C.L.; Tremiliosi-Filho G.; Rodrigues-Filho U.P.-Artigo de periódico