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2009Isolation And Characterization Of Polymorphic Microsatellites For The Natural Populations Of Barker Frog Physalaemus CuvieriConte M.; Cancado L.J.; Laborda P.R.; Zucchi M.I.; Andrade G.V.; Rossa-Feres D.C.; Siqueira S.; Souza A.P.; Recco-Pimentel S.M.-Nota
2013Comparative Cytogenetic Analysis Of Some Species Of The Dendropsophus Microcephalus Group (anura, Hylidae) In The Light Of Phylogenetic InferencesMedeiros L.R.; Lourenco L.B.; Rossa-Feres D.C.; Lima A.P.; Andrade G.V.; Giaretta A.A.; Egito G.T.B.T.; Recco-Pimentel S.M.-Artigo de periódico
2010Chromosome Analysis In Pseudopaludicola (anura, Leiuperidae), With Description Of Sex Chromosomes Xx/xy In P. SalticaDuarte T.C.; Veiga-Menoncello A.C.P.; Lima J.F.R.; Strussmann C.; Del-Grande M.L.; Giaretta A.A.; Pereira E.G.; Rossa-Feres D.C.; Recco-Pimentel S.M.-Artigo de periódico
2003Chromosomal Differentiation Of Hyla Nana And Hyla Sanborni (anura, Hylidae) With A Description Of Nor Polymorphism In H. NanaMedeiros L.R.; Rossa-Feres D.C.; Recco-Pimentel S.M.-Artigo de periódico
2003Reciprocal Interference Between Ants And Stingless Bees Attending The Honeydew-producing Homopteran Aetalion Reticulatum (homoptera: Aetalionidae)Almeida-Neto M.; Izzo T.J.; Raimundo R.L.G.; Rossa-Feres D.C.-Artigo de periódico
2016Effects Of Grazing Management And Cattle On Aquatic Habitat Use By The Anuran Pseudopaludicola Mystacalis In Agro-savannah LandscapesPelinson R.M.; Garey M.V.; Rossa-Feres D.C.-Artigo