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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)AdvisorType
2015Providing Optical Network As A Service With Policy-based Transport Sdnde Siqueira M.A.; van 't Hooft F.N.C.; de Oliveira J.R.F.; Madeira E.R.M.; Rothenberg C.E.-Artigo de periódico
2014Virtual Data Center Networks Embedding Through Software Defined NetworkingRosa R.V.; Rothenberg C.E.; Madeira E.-Artigo de evento
2009Lipsin: Line Speed Publish/subscribe Inter-networkingJokela P.; Zahemszky A.; Rothenberg C.E.; Arianfar S.; Nikander P.-Artigo de evento
2009Exploring The Pub/sub Routing&forwarding SpaceZahemszky A.; Csaszar A.; Nikander P.; Rothenberg C.E.-Artigo de evento
2011In-packet Bloom Filters: Design And Networking ApplicationsRothenberg C.E.; MacApuna C.A.B.; Magalhaes M.F.; Verdi F.L.; Wiesmaier A.-Artigo de periódico
2013Cardigan: Deploying A Distributed Routing FabricStringer J.P.; Fu Q.; Lorier C.; Nelson R.; Rothenberg C.E.-Artigo de evento
2013An Optical Sdn Controller For Transport Network Virtualization And Autonomic OperationSiqueira M.; Oliveira J.; Curiel G.; Hirata A.; Van'T Hooft F.; Nascimento M.; Oliveira J.; Rothenberg C.E.-Artigo de evento
2013Reproducing Real Ndn Experiments Using Mini-ccnxCabral C.M.S.; Rothenberg C.E.; Magalhaes M.F.-Artigo de evento
2013Mini-ccnx: Fast Prototyping For Named Data NetworkingCabral C.M.S.; Rothenberg C.E.; Magalhaes M.F.-Artigo de evento
2013(deployable) Reduction Of Multicast State With In-packet Bloom FiltersJokela P.; Mahkonen H.; Rothenberg C.E.; Ott J.-Artigo de evento
2014Cardigan: Sdn Distributed Routing Fabric Going Live At An Internet ExchangeStringer J.; Pemberton D.; Fu Q.; Lorier C.; Nelson R.; Bailey J.; Correa C.N.A.; Rothenberg C.E.-Artigo de evento
2014High Fidelity Content-centric Experiments With Mini-ccnxCabral C.; Rothenberg C.E.; Magalhaes M.F.-Artigo de evento
2014Asn-fwd: Shrinking The Ipv4 Share On The Forwarding Information BaseLacerda M.C.C.; Siqueira M.; Coelho P.R.S.L.; Faina L.F.; Camargos L.J.; Rothenberg C.E.; Pasquini R.-Artigo de evento
2011Virtual Routers As A Service: The Routeflow Approach Leveraging Software-defined NetworksNascimento M.R.; Rothenberg C.E.; Salvador M.R.; Correa C.N.A.; De Lucena S.C.; Magalhaes M.F.-Artigo de evento
2008Sip Over An Identifier/locator Spotted Next Generation Internet ArchitectureRothenberg C.E.; Wong W.; Verdi F.L.; Magalhaes M.F.-Artigo de evento