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2011Thermochemical Parameters of Mercury(II) Chelates Involving Dimethyl and Di-isopropyl DithiocarbamatesBotelho, JR; Pinheiro, CD; Gondim, AD; Dunstan, PO; Santos, IMG; Souza, AGArtigo de periódico
2004Thermal decomposition and structural reconstruction effect on Mg-Fe-based hydrotalcite compoundsFerreira, OP; Alves, OL; Gouveia, DX; Souza, AG; de Paiva, JAC; Mendes, JArtigo de periódico
1998Thermochemistry of liquid adducts of amides formed from AsX3 (X = Cl, Br)Santos, LCR; Souza, AG; Airoldi, CArtigo de periódico
2000Thermochemistry of adducts of zinc(II) dialkyldithiocarbamate with 2,2 '-bipyridineSales, JADI; Souza, AG; de Freitas, GFG; Prasad, S; Trindade, MDS; Carvalho, LH; Dunstan, POArtigo de periódico
2011Alkali metal intercalated titanate nanotubes: A vibrational spectroscopy studyViana, BC; Ferreira, OP; Souza, AG; Hidalgo, AA; Mendes, J; Alves, OLArtigo de periódico
2006Vibrational spectra of alpha-Ge(HPO4)(2)center dot H2O compoundMoraes, APA; Romano, R; Souza, AG; Freire, PTC; Mendes, J; Alves, OLArtigo de periódico
1998Standard molar enthalpies of formation and lattice energies of 1-methylethyl, n-butyl and 2-methylpropyl ammonium halidesSouza, AG; Melo, AMS; Santos, LCR; Espinola, JGP; Oliveira, SF; Airoldi, CArtigo de periódico
2006Size-controllable synthesis of nanosized-TiO2 anatase using porous Vycor glass as templateMazali, IO; Souza, AG; Viana, BC; Mendes, J; Alves, OLArtigo de periódico
2012Temperature-dependent Raman spectroscopy study in MoO3 nanoribbonsSilveira, JV; Vieira, LL; Mendes, J; Sampaio, AJC; Alves, OL; Souza, AGArtigo de periódico
2013Temperature effects on the nitric acid oxidation of industrial grade multiwalled carbon nanotubesAndrade, NF; Martinez, DST; Paula, AJ; Silveira, JV; Alves, OL; Souza, AGArtigo de periódico
2012Towards long-term colloidal stability of silica-based nanocarriers for hydrophobic molecules: beyond the Stober methodPaula, AJ; Montoro, LA; Souza, AG; Alves, OLArtigo de periódico
2014Topography-driven bionano-interactions on colloidal silica nanoparticlesPaula, AJ; Silveira, CP; Martinez, DST; Souza, AG; Romero, FV; Fonseca, LC; Tasic, L; Alves, OL; Duran, NArtigo de periódico
2011Highlighting the mechanisms of the titanate nanotubes to titanate nanoribbons transformationViana, BC; Ferreira, OP; Souza, AG; Hidalgo, AA; Mendes, J; Alves, OLArtigo de periódico
2007Probing the thermal decomposition process of layered double hydroxides through in situ Fe-57 Mossbauer and in situ X-ray diffraction experimentsGouveia, DX; Ferreira, OP; Souza, AG; da Silva, MG; de Paiva, JAC; Alves, OL; Mendes, JArtigo de periódico
2011Surface Chemistry in the Process of Coating Mesoporous SiO2 onto Carbon Nanotubes Driven by the Formation of Si-O-C BondsPaula, AJ; Stefani, D; Souza, AG; Kim, YA; Endo, M; Alves, OLArtigo de periódico
2012Unveiling the Role of Oxidation Debris on the Surface Chemistry of Graphene through the Anchoring of Ag NanoparticlesFaria, AF; Martinez, DST; Moraes, ACM; da Costa, MEHM; Barros, EB; Souza, AG; Paula, AJ; Alves, OLArtigo de periódico
2006Unveiling the structure and composition of titanium oxide nanotubes through ion exchange chemical reactions and thermal decomposition processesFerreira, OP; Souza, AG; Mendes, J; Alves, OLArtigo de periódico
2011TiO2- and CeO2-Based Biphasic Core-Shell Nanoparticles with Tunable Core Sizes and Shell ThicknessesCorrea, DN; Silva, JMDE; Santos, EB; Sigoli, FA; Souza, AG; Mazali, IOArtigo de periódico
2009gamma-Fe2O3 nanoparticles dispersed in porous Vycor glass: A magnetically diluted integrated systemCangussu, D; Nunes, WC; Correa, HLD; Macedo, WAD; Knobel, M; Alves, OL; Souza, AG; Mazali, IOArtigo de periódico
1998Isotherm data of Fe3+, Cr-3+, and Co2+ adsorbed on surface of silica-propylpiperazinedithiocarbamatoFonseca, MG; Espinola, JGP; Oliveira, SF; dos Santos, LCR; Souza, AG; Airoldi, CArtigo de periódico