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2013Evaluation of the taxonomic status of populations assigned to Phyllomedusa hypochondrialis (Anura, Hylidae, Phyllomedusinae) based on molecular, chromosomal, and morphological approachBruschi, DP; Busin, CS; Toledo, LF; Vasconcellos, GA; Strussmann, C; Weber, LN; Lima, AP; Lima, JD; Recco-Pimentel, SM-Artigo de periódico
2014A phylogenetic analysis of Pseudopaludicola (Anura) providing evidence of progressive chromosome reductionVeiga-Menoncello, ACP; Lourenco, LB; Strussmann, C; Rossa-Feres, DC; Andrade, GV; Giaretta, AA; Recco-Pimentel, SM-Artigo de periódico
2010Chromosome analysis in Pseudopaludicola (Anura, Leiuperidae), with description of sex chromosomes XX/XY in P-salticaDuarte, TC; Veiga-Menoncello, ACP; Lima, JFR; Strussmann, C; Del-Grande, ML; Giaretta, AA; Pereira, EG; Rossa-Feres, DC; Recco-Pimentel, SM-Artigo de periódico
2006Chromosomal study of Colostethus brunneus from the type locality and two related species (Anura-Dendrobatidae)Veiga-Menoncello, ACP; Strussmann, C; Lima, AP; Recco-Pimentel, SM-Artigo de periódico
2008Chromosomal analysis of three Brazilian "eleutherodactyline" frogs (Anura : Terrarana), with suggestion of a new speciesSiqueira, S; Aguiar, O; Strussmann, C; Del-Grande, ML; Recco-Pimentel, SM-Artigo de periódico
2011Intrageneric Karyotypic Variation in Pseudopaludicola (Anura: Leiuperidae) and Its Taxonomic RelatednessFavero, ER; Veiga-Menoncello, ACP; Rossa-Feres, DC; Strussmann, C; Giaretta, AA; Andrade, GV; Colombo, P; Recco-Pimentel, SM-Artigo de periódico