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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)AdvisorType
2016Advances In Nanobiomaterials For Oncology Nanomedicine--Capítulo de livro
2016Genomics, Transcriptomics, And Beyond: The Fifteen Years Of Cacao’s Witches’ Broom Disease Genome Project--Capítulo de livro
2015Nanoparticles-based Delivery Systems In Plant Genetic Transformation--Capítulo de livro
2015Recent Development Patterns And Challenges Of Brazilian Agriculture--Capítulo de livro
2015Harvesting Of Palm Fruits Can Be Ecologically Sustainable: A Case Of Buriti (mauritia Flexuosa; Arecaceae) In Central Brazil--Capítulo de livro
2015Moving From The Ecological Sustainability To The Participatory Management Of Janaguba (himatanthus Drasticus; Apocynaceae)--Capítulo de livro
2015Multimedia Production Projects: Relevant Issues And Possible Models For Mobile Learning--Capítulo de livro
2015Emerging Role Of Nanocarriers In Delivery Of Nitric Oxide For Sustainable Agriculture--Capítulo de livro
2015Differential Transcription Factor Networks Orchestrate Flavonoid Biosynthesis--Capítulo de livro
2015Environmental Behavior And Fast And Frugal Heuristics--Capítulo de livro
2015Adsorption Properties Of A New Ion-selective Hierarchically Imprinted Poly(acrylamide-co-egdma) For The Extraction/preconcentration Of Co(ii) From Aqueous Medium--Capítulo de livro
2015Twig-girdler Beetles Of The Atlantic Rainforest--Capítulo de livro
2015Enhanced Electrochemical Properties Of Multi-walled Carbon Nanotube Paste Electrode For Simultaneous Determination Of Phenolic Compounds In The Presence Of Surfactant--Capítulo de livro
2016Butanol Production By Fermentation: Efficient Bioreactors--Capítulo de livro
2007Sensory: Human Biology And PhysiologyDa Silva M.A.A.P.; Cendes F.-Capítulo de livro
2007Transcriptome Analysis Of The Sugarcane Genome For Crop ImprovementArruda P.; Silva T.R.-Capítulo de livro
2007Archaeology To The Lay Public In Brazil: Three ExperiencesFunari P.P.A.; De Oliveira N.V.; Tamanini E.-Capítulo de livro
2005Person-to-person Processes: Computer-supported Collaborative WorkEllis C.A.; Barthelmess P.; Chen J.; Wainer J.-Capítulo de livro
2005Structural Energy Flow TechniquesDe Franca Arruda J.R.-Capítulo de livro
2005Biodegradation Of Diuron And Pyruthiobac-sodium By White-rot And Soil FungiGondim-Tomaz M.A.; Franco T.T.; Durrant L.R.-Capítulo de livro