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2010Thermomechanical Properties Of NanocompositesInnocentini-Mei L.H.Capítulo de livro
2010Insulin Secretion In Insulin Resistance StatesMarin D.M.; De Barros-Mazon S.; Alegre S.M.Capítulo de livro
2010National Policies To Attract Foreign Direct Investment In Research And Development: An Assessment Of Brazil And Selected CountriesZanatta M.; Strachman E.; Carvalho F.; Varrichio P.C.; Camillo E.; Barra M.Capítulo de livro
2010Mperometric Biosensor Based On Laccase And Meldola's Blue Coimmobilized On Oxidized Multi-wall Carbon Nanotubes For Phenol Compounds DeterminationPereira A.C.; Ferreira D.C.M.; Mendes R.K.; Tarley C.R.T.; Duran N.; Kubota L.T.Capítulo de livro
2010Fungi-mediated Synthesis Of Silver Nanoparticles: Characterization Processes And ApplicationsDuran N.; Marcato P.D.; Ingle A.; Gade A.; Rai M.Capítulo de livro
2010Spectrophotometric Flow-injection System Using Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes As Solid Preconcentrator For Copper Monitoring In Water Samplesde Fatima Lima G.; de Jesus Souza P.M.; Gava Segatelli M.; Orival Luccas P.; Teixeira Tarley C.R.Capítulo de livro
2010The Study Of Interactions Between Birds And Flowers In The Neotropics: A Matter Of Point Of ViewRocca M.A.; Sazima M.Capítulo de livro
2004A Curious Blend?: City Revitalisation, Gentrification And Commodification In BrazilRubino S.Capítulo de livro
2004The Language Issue In Brazil: When Local Knowledge Clashes With Expert KnowledgeRajagopalan K.Capítulo de livro
2004Global Quality Standards And Technological Upgrading In The Brazilian Auto-components IndustryQuadros R.Capítulo de livro
2013Historical Archaeology From A World PerspectiveFunari P.P.A.Capítulo de livro
2013Introduction: Archaeology In HistoryFunari P.P.A.; Jones S.; Hall M.Capítulo de livro
2013Maroon, Race And Gender: Palmares Material Culture And Social Relations In A Runaway SettlementFunari P.P.A.Capítulo de livro
2013Formation Of Ripples And Dunes On A Granular Bed Sheared By A Liquid FlowFranklin E.D.M.Capítulo de livro
2013Importance Of French-type Bread In Brazilian DietClerici M.T.P.S.; Nabeshima E.H.; Hashimoto J.M.; de Carvalho-Silva L.B.; Chang Y.K.Capítulo de livro
2013Microbial Transformations Of Oleic AcidContesini F.J.; Madeira Jr. J.V.; Lopes D.B.; Speranza P.; Ceresino E.B.; Teixeira C.B.; Macedo G.A.Capítulo de livro
2013A Voltammetric Sensor Based On A Hemin Modified Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube For Hydroquinome Determination In Pharmaceutical SamplesClausen D.N.; Duarte E.H.; Pereira A.C.; Kubota L.T.; Tarley C.R.T.Capítulo de livro
2013Food Supplementation With Vegetable Oils Rich In Oleic Acid: Health-promoting Effects And Application ViabilityContesini F.J.; Ceresino E.B.; Castro R.J.S.; Barros F.F.C.; Sassaki E.; Sato H.H.Capítulo de livro
2013Nutritional Quality Of Proteins In Breadsde Carvalho-Silva L.B.; Clerici M.T.P.S.Capítulo de livro
2013Experimental Design For The Evaluation Of Bread Protein Qualityde Carvalho-Silva L.B.; Clerici M.T.P.S.Capítulo de livro