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2010New Reference Values For Maximal Respiratory Pressures In The Brazilian Population: Corrections [novos Valores De Referência Para Pressões Respiratórias Máximas Na População Brasileira: Correções]Costa D.; Goncalves H.A.; de Lima L.P.; Ike D.; Cancelliero K.M.; Montebelo M.I.L.Carta
2010Cholesterol Toxicity In Pancreatic Islets From Ldl Receptor-deficient MiceDe Souza J.C.; De Oliveira C.A.M.; Carneiro E.M.; Boschero A.C.; De Oliveira H.C.F.Carta
1997Molecular Characterisation Of Cystic Fibrosis Patients In The State Of Sao Paulo (brazil) [3]Parizotto E.A.; Bertuzzo C.S.; Ribeiro A.F.Carta
2004Long-standing Idiopathic Hypoparathyroidism Masking Coexistent Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy [2]Franca Jr. M.C.; De Castro R.; De Oliveira M.F.; Garibaldi S.G.; Nucci A.; De Souza Queiroz L.; Kraemer M.H.S.Carta
2004Sporothrix Schenckii Infection Mimicking Sarcoidosis [5]Singh M.F.B.; Fernandes S.R.M.; Samara A.M.Carta
2004Unusual Nasal Duplication In Two Patients [2]Guion-Almeida M.L.; Neto D.L.; Lopes V.L.G.D.S.Carta
2009Tunga Penetrans As A Traveler's DiseaseFerreira L.A.; Piazza A.A.; Junior W.B.; Macedo de Souza E.; Neves Ferreira Velho P.E.Carta
2004Successful Ect In A Patient With A Psychiatric Presentation Of Wilson's Disease [5]Rodrigues A.C.T.; Dalgalarrondo P.; Banzato C.E.M.Carta
1998Screening Blood Donors For Trypanosoma Cruzi Infection In A Nonendemic Area Of Brazil [1]Barjas-Castro M.D.L.; Guariento M.E.; Vincente C.S.; Castro V.Carta
2001Apoptotic Cells In A Peripheral Blood Smear In The Context Of Ebv Infection [2]Pagnano K.B.B.; Vassallo J.; Lorand-Metze I.; Costa F.F.; Saad S.T.O.Carta
2001Antileishmanial Activity Of The Violacein Extracted From Chromobacterium Violaceum [4]Leon L.L.; Miranda C.C.; De Souza A.O.; Duran N.Carta
2001Luttinger Liquid SuperlatticesSilva-Valencia J.; Miranda E.; Dos Santos R.R.Carta
2001Electron Ionization Mass Spectra Of Bis-1,2,4-oxadiazoles: Tandem Mass Spectrometry And Accurate Mass Measurements [1]Srivastava R.M.; Moraes L.A.B.; Eberlin M.N.Carta
2009Motor Nerve Hyperexcitability And Muscle Cramps In Machado-joseph Disease - ReplyFranca Jr. M.C.; D'Abreu A.; Nucci A.; Lopes-Cendes I.Carta
2009Is There A Reliable Minimum Number Of Lymph Nodes For T1 And T2 Colon Cancer?Metze K.; Adam R.L.Carta
2009Relationship Between Motor Function And Cognitive Performance [relación Entre La Función Motora Y El Rendimiento Cognitivo]Bobbio T.G.; Gabbard C.; Goncalves V.M.G.; Barros-Filho A.A.; Morcillo A.M.Carta
2009Genome Rearrangements In Patients With Blepharophimosis, Mental Retardation And Hypothyroidism, So-called Young-simpson SyndromeBrancati F.; Bernardini L.; Cavalcanti D.P.; Romano C.; Novelli A.; Dallapiccola B.Carta
1993Hepatitis C Antibody (anti-hcv) Prevalence In Brazilian Patients With Sickle Cell Diseases [4]Arruda V.R.; Eid K.A.B.; Zen G.C.; Goncales N.S.; Saad S.T.O.; Costa F.F.Carta
1994β(s)-gene-cluster Haplotypes In Sickle Cell Anemia Patients From Two Regions Of Brazil [4]Costa F.F.; Arruda V.R.; Goncalves M.G.; Miranda S.R.P.; Carvalho M.H.; Sonati M.F.; Saad S.O.T.; Gesteira F.; Fernandes D.; Nascimento M.L.; Queiroz I.L.Carta
1994Biomass Fluidized Bed Gasification Research In The State University Of CampinasSanchez C.G.; Lora E.S.Carta