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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)AdvisorType
2016(2432) Proposal To Conserve The Name Hymenaea Stigonocarpa (leguminosae) With A Conserved Type--Nota
20161-[2-(4-methyl-7-coumarinyloxy)ethyl]-4-(5-{1-[2-(4-methyl-7-coumarinyloxy)ethyl]-1h-1, 2, 3-triazol-4-yl}pentyl)-1h-1, 2, 3-triazole--Nota
2016Powers Of Freedom, Governamentality And The Psy Knowledges: Dialogues With Nikolas Rose (part 2)--Nota
2016Quantum Boxes: Configuring Electronic States In An Atomically Precise Array Of Quantum Boxes (small 28/2016)--Nota
2016Mucuna Chiapaneca (leguminosae—papilionoideae) A New Species From Mexico--Nota
2013Authors' Response To Discussion On "suboptimal Switching Control Consistency Analysis For Discrete-time Switched Linear Systems"Deaecto G.S.; Fioravanti A.R.; Geromel J.C.-Nota
2014Interview With Patricia Seed [entrevista Com Patricia Seed]Kalil L.G.A.; De Oliveira Fernandes L.E.-Nota
2012Assessment Of The Use Of Two New Low-dose Levonorgestrel-releasing Intrauterine Systems As ContraceptivesBahamondes L.; Bahamondes M.V.-Nota
2008From Madness In Method To Method In MadnessRajagopalan K.-Nota
2008The Parrotlet Forpus Xanthopterygius Scrapes At Clay Nests Of The Ovenbird Furnarius Rufus: Tasting Or Testing A New Home? [o Tuim Forpus Xanthopterygius Raspa Ninhos Do João-de-barro Furnarius Rufus: Saboreando Ou Testando Um Novo Lar?]Sazima I.-Nota
2008Occupational Hazards: Brown Boobies (sula Leucogaster) As A Nuisance To Fishermen At Fernando De Noronha Island, With Comments On Injuries Inflicted To The Birds [resumo: Riscos Ocupacionais: O Atobá-pardo (sula Leucogaster) Como Estorvo Para Pescadores Na Ilha De Fernando De Noronha, Com Comentários Sobre Ferimentos Causados às Aves]Sazima I.; Sazima C.-Nota
20142de: The Phoenix Of ProteomicsOliveira B.M.; Coorssen J.R.; Martins-de-Souza D.-Nota
2011Comments On "well-differentiated Thyroid Carcinoma With Concomitant Hashimoto's Thyroiditis Present With Less Aggressive Clinical Stage And Low Recurrence"Cunha L.L.; Ward L.S.-Nota
2013Range Of Animal Food Types Recorded For The Tegu Lizard (salvator Merianae) At An Urban Park In South-eastern BrazilSazima I.; D'Angelo G.B.-Nota
2013Predation On Tadpole Of Itapotihyla Langsdorffii (anura: Hylidae) By The Semi-aquatic Spider Thaumasia Sp. (araneae: Pisauridae) In The Atlantic Forest, Southeastern BrazilLuiz A.M.; Pires T.A.; Dimitrov V.; Sawaya R.J.-Nota
2014(2283) Proposal To Reject The Name Dolichos Altissimus (leguminosae: Papilionoideae) Thus Protecting The Name Mucuna GiganteaMoura T.M.; Tozzi A.M.G.A.; Gereau R.E.; Mansano V.F.; Lewis G.P.-Nota
2014Two Novel Kel Alleles Encoding K0 Phenotypes In BraziliansArnoni C.P.; Gazito D.; Muniz J.G.; De Medeiros Person R.; Brandao F.; De Araujo Marques M.G.; Barreto J.A.; Castilho L.; Latini F.R.M.-Nota
2007Straus: The Two Medical Sociologies [straus: As Duas Sociologias Médicas]Nunes E.D.-Nota
2006Health Reform In São Paulo During The 70's And The Unified Health System (sus) [reforma Da Secretaria De Estado De São Paulo Durante Os Anos 70 E O Sistema Único De Saúde (sus)]de Sousa Campos G.W.-Nota
2006Public Health In São Paulo: History And Characters [saúde Pública Em São Paulo: História E Personagens]Nunes E.D.-Nota