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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)AdvisorType
2004Solidificação: A Gênese Dos Produtos MetálicosGarcia A.-Nota
1994Two Dinucleotide Repeats Tightly Linked To D12s91De Souza A.P.; Allamand V.; Richard L.; Brenguier L.; Beckmann J.S.-Nota
1994Three Dinucleotide Markers On Chromosome 21De Souza A.P.; Allamand V.; Richard I.; Brenguier L.; Beckmann J.S.-Nota
2012Annotated Presentation: "territories Of Childhood" [apresentação Comentada: "territórios Da Infância"]de Faria A.L.G.-Nota
2012Brazilian Annual Education: Retrospective View [anuário Educativo Brasileiro: Visão Retrospectiva]Krawczyk N.-Nota
2012(2089) Proposal To Conserve The Name Hedysarum Incanum Sw. Against H. Incanum Thunb. (leguminosae)Lima L.C.P.; de Queiroz L.P.; Tozzi A.M.G.A.; Lewis G.P.-Nota
1975Reaction Of Diphenylcyclopropenone With Pyridinium N-imine In Protic Media. The Quenching Of A Reactive IntermediateKascheres A.; Marchi Jr. D.-Nota
1976Mean Dipole Moment Derivatives And Anisotropics Of X2cy MoleculesBruns R.E.-Nota
1994An Easy Route To (-)-10(r)-isothiocyanoaromadendrane And (-)-10(s)-isothiocyanoalloaromadendraneDa Silva C.C.; Almagro V.; Zukerman-Schpector J.; Castellano E.E.; Marsaioli A.J.-Nota
2012Colibacillosis In Lambs Is Associated To Type I Heat-stable Enterotoxin In A Farm In São Paulo State, Brazil [colibacilose Em Carneiros é Associada à Enterotoxina Termo-estável Do Tipo I Em Uma Propriedade Rural Do Estado De São Paulo, Brasil]Aragao A.Z.B.; Teocchi M.A.; Fregolente M.C.D.; Gatti M.S.V.; Pires A.V.; Yano T.-Nota
2013Range Of Animal Food Types Recorded For The Tegu Lizard (salvator Merianae) At An Urban Park In South-eastern BrazilSazima I.; D'Angelo G.B.-Nota
2013Predation On Tadpole Of Itapotihyla Langsdorffii (anura: Hylidae) By The Semi-aquatic Spider Thaumasia Sp. (araneae: Pisauridae) In The Atlantic Forest, Southeastern BrazilLuiz A.M.; Pires T.A.; Dimitrov V.; Sawaya R.J.-Nota
20142de: The Phoenix Of ProteomicsOliveira B.M.; Coorssen J.R.; Martins-de-Souza D.-Nota
2013CommentsMagalhaes J.-Nota
2013Evaluation Of In Vitro Calcification Of Pristine And Sulfonated Chitosan For Use On StentsCampelo C.S.; Beppu M.M.; Vieira R.S.-Nota
2013Effect Of Dialysis And Freezing On The Properties Of Silk Fibroin HydrogelsRibeiro M.R.; de Moraes M.A.; Beppu M.M.; Monteiro F.J.; Ferraz M.P.-Nota
2013Physicochemical Properties Of Collagen/silk Fibroin FilmsGhaeli I.; Moraes M.A.; Beppu M.; Monteiro F.J.; Ferraz M.P.-Nota
2013The Severity Of Illness And Inflammatory Markers Cannot Predict Red Blood Cell Alloimmunization In Cancer PatientsCastilho L.-Nota
2013α-chain Hemoglobin Variants With Electrophoretic Mobility Similar To That Of Hemoglobin S In Newborn Screening ProgramsSonati M.F.-Nota
2014Responsible Scientists And A Citizens' Panel: New Storylines For Creative Engagement Between Science And The PublicRobinson P.A.; Macnaghten P.; Banks S.; Bickersteth J.; Kennedy A.; Richardson Y.; Shaw S.; Sylvestre I.-Nota