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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: May Collagen And Fatty Tissue Be A Cost-effective Association For Periurethral Injections In Stress Urinary Incontinence
Author: Palma P.C.R.
Vidal B.C.
Silveira L.M.
Jorge S.
Riccetto C.L.Z.
Netto Jr. N.R.
Abstract: INTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVES: Attempts to treat stress urinary incontinence (SUI) using periurethral injections has been tried for decades. Although the ideal bulk-enhancing material is to be founded, there were acceptable results using cross-linked collagen and autologous fat. Autologous fat has several advantages such as: it is readily viable, easily obtainable, biocompatible and inexpensive.On the other hand, reabsorption of the injected fat is the major drawback. Besides, questions regarding to migration and fat embolism were posed. Collagen is biocompatible, but is very expensive, requiring repeated injections. With the purpose of verify the safety and applicability of autologous fat in association with collagen this experimental study was made. METHODS: There were 30 female isogenic rabbit of the New Zealand breed that received pure fat and fat in association with collagen in the posterior wall of the right and left ear respectively.The histology of the injected sites and other organs regarding to particles migration were studied at 7; 15 and 90 days post injections and histometric studies using the MOPVIDEOPLAN technique were done at 15 and 90 days, measuring the area and the density of the adipocyte population.The Mann-Whitney test and the Weilbull plot were used for statistic analyses. RESULTS: There were no migration of collagen or fat to the lungs, liver or kidney at any time. The histologic findings showed that the inflammatory reaction was significant reduced when collagen was added and few giant cells were seen as opposed to pure fat. The histometric studies showed no difference at 15 days but the results were significative different at 90 days. The mean adipocyte area was 5545.95 mm2 when pure fat was injected and 2743.97 mm2 when the association was used , close to local fat that presented 1361.3 mm21. Adipocyte density was 18 cells per 105 mm2 with fat alone and 31 cells per 105 mm2 with the association and 63 cells for local fat. CONCLUSIONS: Collagen and fat are safe regarding particles migration. The addition of collagen to lipo-injection increase adipocyte survival, suggesting a more cost-effective approach by reducing the amount of collagen and even the number of injections needed.
Citation: British Journal Of Urology. , v. 80, n. SUPPL. 2, p. 19 - , 1997.
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Date Issue: 1997
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