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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Histology, Histochemistry And Ultrastructure Of The Oviducts And Seminal Receptacle Of Tropidurus Itambere (rodrigues, 1987) (reptilia: Tropiduridae)
Author: Ferreira A.
Dolder H.
Abstract: The present study found new information regarding the histology, histochemistry and ultrastructure of the oviduct of Tropidurus itambere, an inhabitant of the Brazilian Atlantic forest. Three differentiated histological regions constitute the oviduct: the infundibulum, as its main characteristic, has many tubuloalveolar glands; the uterine region is remarkable for many mucous glands, just below the epithelium; the vagina, near to the cloacal opening, is characterized by an epithelium with infolding borders and several crypts for sperm storage. The infundibulum and uterine regions were marked by the presence of acid glycosaminoglycans and neutral polysaccharides, which reacted strongly in the epithelium, and was absent in the functional gland units. In the sperm storage region, polysaccharides were not observed, occurring only in the epithelium of unicellular glands. In all structure of the oviduct, a strong staining for proteins was obtained with Xylidine Ponceau. The ultrastructural study showed a more complex stratification of the epithelium than could be seen with light microscopy, as well as a large amount of fibers and smooth muscle in the lamina propria, that suggests a role in motility. Some similarities were verified between the oviduct of the oviparous lizard, and those observed in other Reptilia and Ave. This work presents interesting differences in relation to other species of lizards and interesting similarities for phylogenetically distant groups like fish and salamanders, and may contribute to studies of physiology and reproductive morphology of the Tropiduridae family.
Citation: Brazilian Journal For Morphological Sciences. , v. 24, n. 1, p. 29 - 38, 2007.
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Date Issue: 2007
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