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2019High-order composite finite element exact sequences based on tetrahedral-hexahedral-prismatic-pyramidal partitionsDevloo, Philippe R. B.; Duran, Omar; Gomes, Sonia M.; Ainsworth, Mark-Artigo
2019Coupled horizontal and rocking vibration, and seismic shear-wave scattering of a piled plate on a transversely isotropic half-spaceLabaki, Josue; Barros, Persio L. A.; Mesquita, Euclides-Artigo
2019Pre-ozonation of source water : assessment of efficacy against giardia duodenalis cysts and effects on natural organic matterKondo Nakada, Liane Yuri; Bueno Franco, Regina Maura; da Silva Fiuza, Vagner Ricardo; dos Santos, Luciana Urbano; Branco, Nilson; Guimaraes, Jose Roberto-Artigo
2019IBEM-FEM model of a piled plate within a transversely isotropic half-spacede Almeida Barros, Persio Leister; Labaki, Josue; Mesquita, Euclides-Artigo
2019Validation of the climatic zoning defined by ASHRAE standard 169-2013Walsh, Angelica; Costola, Daniel; Labaki, Lucila Chebel-Artigo
2015Height-gradient-based method for occlusion detection in true orthophoto generationOliveira, Henrique Cândido de; Galo, Mauricio; Poz, Aluir Porfírio Dal-Artigo
2017Surface gradient approach for occlusion detection based on triangulated irregular network for true orthophoto generationOliveira, Henrique Candido de; Dal Poz, Aluir Porfírio; Galo, Mauricio; Habib, Ayman Fawzy-Artigo
2020Effects of wastewater disinfectants on the soil : implications for soil microbial and chemical attributesAgnelo, Lucas; Leonel, Lays Paulino; Silva, Noely Bochi; Candello, Fernando Pena; Schneider, Jerusa; Tonetti, Adriano Luiz-Artigo
Oct-2019Energy performance of mixed-mode office buildings : assessing typical construction design practicesNeves, L.O.; Melo, A.P.; Rodrigues, L.L.-Artigo
2020On the use of divergence balanced H(div)-L-2 pair of approximation spaces for divergence-free and robust simulations of Stokes, coupled Stokes-Darcy and Brinkman problemsCarvalho, Pablo G. S.; Devloo, Philippe R. B.; Gomes, Sonia M.-Artigo