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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)AdvisorType
2018Earthworm avoidance behavior to antimicrobial sulfadiazine on tropical artificial soilCandello, Fernando Pena; Guimarães, José Roberto; Nour, Edson Aparecido Abdul-Artigo
2014Urban water reuse: microbial pathogens control by direct filtration and ultraviolet disinfectionIsaac, Ricardo de Lima; Santos, Luciana Urbano dos; Tosetto, Mariana S.; Franco, Regina Maura Bueno; Guimarães, José Roberto-Artigo
2016Abamectin degradation by advanced oxidation processes: evaluation of toxicity reduction using daphnia similisGuimarães, José Roberto; Barbosa, Izabela Major; Maniero, Milena Guedes; Rath, Susanne-Artigo
2016Ammonia removal from landfill leachate by struvite formation: an alarming concentration of phosphorus in the treated effluentTonetti, Adriano Luiz; Camargo, Cristal Coser de; Guimarães, José Roberto-Artigo
2016Ciliated protozoa community of a combined uasb-activated sludge system in Southeastern BrazilSiqueira-Castro, Isabel Cristina Vidal; Greinert-Goulart, Juliane Araújo; Rossetto, Renato; Guimarães, José Roberto; Franco, Regina Maura Bueno-Artigo
2016Inactivation of Clostridium perfringens, total coliforms, and Escherichia coli by UV/H2O2 in wastewater treatment plant effluentGuimarães, José Roberto; Guadagnini, Regiane Aparecida; Franco, Regina Maura Bueno; Santos, Luciana Urbano dos-Artigo
2017Antimicrobial activity against Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria during gatifloxacin degradation by hydroxyl radicalsCaianelo, Marlon; Rodrigues-Silva, Caio; Maniero, Milena Guedes; Guimarães, José Roberto-Artigo
2017Abatement and toxicity reduction of antimicrobials by UV/H2O2 processUrbano, Vanessa Ribeiro; Peres, Marcela Souza; Maniero, Milena Guedes; Guimarães, José Roberto-Artigo
2017Antimicrobial activity and acute toxicity of ozonated lomefloxacin solutionOliveira, Amanda Marchi Duarte de; Maniero, Milena Guedes; Rodrigues-Silva, Caio; Guimarães, José Roberto-Artigo
2018Photocatalytic removal of fluoroquinolones and their antimicrobial activity from water matrices at trace levels: a comparison of commercial TiO2 catalystsVenancio, Wilson Augusto Lima; Rodrigues-Silva, Caio; Maniero, Milena Guedes; Guimarães, José Roberto-Artigo