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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)AdvisorType
2015Classification of water supply systems based on energy efficiencyLima, Gustavo Meirelles; Carvalho Viana, Augusto Nelson; Carneiro Dias Junior, Renato Swerts; Luvizotto Junior, Edevar-Artigo
2017Fourier series and Chebyshev polynomials applied to real-time water demand forecastingBrentan, Bruno; Luvizotto Junior, Edevar; Izquierdo, Joaquín; Pérez-García, Rafael-Artigo
2017Hybrid regression model for near real-time urban water demand forecastingBrentan, Bruno M.; Luvizotto Junior, Edevar; Herrera, Manuel; Izquierdo, Joaquín; Pérez-García, Rafael-Artigo
2017Calibration model for water distribution network using pressures estimated by artificial neural networksMeirelles, Gustavo; Manzi, Daniel; Brentan, Bruno; Goulart, Thaisa; Luvizotto Junior, Edevar-Artigo
2017Selection and location of pumps as turbines substituting pressure reducing valvesLima, Gustavo Meirelles; Luvizotto Junior, Edevar; Brentan, Bruno M.-Artigo
2017Method to estimate complete curves of hydraulic pumps through the polymorphism of existing curvesLima, Gustavo Meirelles; Luvizotto Junior, Edevar-Artigo
2018Hybrid SOM+k-Means clustering to improve planning, operation and management in water distribution systemsBrentan, Bruno; Meirelles, Gustavo; Luvizotto Junior, Edevar; Izquierdo, Joaqun-Artigo
2019Effectiveness of methods for selecting pumps as turbines to operate in water distribution networksMarchiori, Isabela Niedo; Lima, Gustavo Meirelles; Brentan, Bruno Melo; Luvizotto Junior, Edevar-Artigo