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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)AdvisorType
2019Environmentally friendly interlocking concrete paver blocks produced with treated wastewaterTonetti, A. L.; Duarte, N. C.; Dos Santos, M. R. R.; Siqueira, G. H.-Artigo
2017Photo-fenton degradation of the pharmaceuticals ciprofloxacin and fluoxetine after anaerobic pre-treatment of hospital effluentPerini, J. A.; Nogueira, R. F.; Tonetti, A. L.; Silva, B. C.-Artigo
2017Nutrient recovery from airplane wastewater: composition, treatment and ecotoxicological assaPaixão Filho, J. L. D.; Tonetti, A. L.; Guimarães, M. T.; Silva, D.-Artigo
2014Evaluation of the productivity of irrigated eucalyptus grandis with reclaimed wastewater and effects on soilMarinho, L. E. D.; Stefanutti, R.; Coraucci, B.; Roston, D. M.; Tonetti, A. L.-Artigo
2018Dewatering of septic tank sludge in alternative sludge drying bedManfio, D. V.; Tonetti, A. L.; Matta, D.-Artigo
2016Nitrification process modeling in intermittent sand filter applied for wastewater treatmentMagalhães, T. M.; Tonetti, A. L.; Bueno, D. A. C.; Tonon, D.-Artigo
2016Reuse of sewage treated effluent in agricultural practices: an alarming presence of Giardia spp. cystsLeonel, L. P.; Tonetti, A. L.; Silva, J. C. P.; Nunes, E. A.; Anaruma Filho, F.-Artigo
2019Wastewater treatment by anaerobic filter and sand filter: hydraulic loading rates for removing organic matter, phosphorus, pathogens and nitrogen in tropical countriesTonon, D.; Tonetti, A. L.; Coraucci Filho, B.; Bueno, D. A. C.-Artigo