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2019Lysimeter validation based on physicochemical characterisation of leachate from municipal solid waste in a tropical regionManzatto, Mariana Politti; Miguel, Miriam Gonçalves-Artigo
2019Environmentally friendly interlocking concrete paver blocks produced with treated wastewaterTonetti, A. L.; Duarte, N. C.; Dos Santos, M. R. R.; Siqueira, G. H.-Artigo
20102D evaluation of crack openings using smeared and embedded crack modelsGamino, Andre Luis; Manzoli, Osvaldo Luis; Sousa, Jose Luiz Antunes de Oliveira e; Bittencourt, Tulio Nogueira-Artigo
2018Simultaneous degradation of ciprofloxacin, amoxicillin, sulfathiazole and sulfamethazine, and disinfection of hospital effluent after biological treatment via photo-Fenton process under ultraviolet germicidal irradiationPerini, J.A.L.; Tonetti, A.L.; Vidal, C.; Montagner, C.C.; Nogueira, R.F.P.-Artigo
2017Photo-fenton degradation of the pharmaceuticals ciprofloxacin and fluoxetine after anaerobic pre-treatment of hospital effluentPerini, J. A.; Nogueira, R. F.; Tonetti, A. L.; Silva, B. C.-Artigo
2017Nutrient recovery from airplane wastewater: composition, treatment and ecotoxicological assaPaixão Filho, J. L. D.; Tonetti, A. L.; Guimarães, M. T.; Silva, D.-Artigo
2015Denitrification on upflow-anaerobic filter filled with coconut shells (cocos Nucifera)Silva, J. C. P.; Tobetti, A. L.; Leonel, L. P.; Costa, A.-Artigo
2018Association of septic tank and sand filter for wastewater treatment: full-scale feasibility for decentralized sanitationde Oliveira Cruz, L.M.,; Tonetti, A.L.; Gomes, B.G.L.A.-Artigo
2014Evaluation of the productivity of irrigated eucalyptus grandis with reclaimed wastewater and effects on soilMarinho, L. E. D.; Stefanutti, R.; Coraucci, B.; Roston, D. M.; Tonetti, A. L.-Artigo
2018Dewatering of septic tank sludge in alternative sludge drying bedManfio, D. V.; Tonetti, A. L.; Matta, D.-Artigo