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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Overdenture Retaining Bar Stress Distribution: A Finite-element Analysis
Author: Caetano
Conrado Reinoldes; Mesquita
Marcelo Ferraz; Xediek Consani
Rafael Leonardo; Correr-Sobrinho
Lourenco; Fernandes Dos Santos
Mateus Bertolini
Abstract: Objective. Evaluate the stress distribution on the peri-implant bone tissue and prosthetic components of bar-clip retaining systems for overdentures presenting different implant inclinations, vertical misfit and framework material. Materials and methods. Three-dimensional models of a jaw and an overdenture retained by two implants and a bar-clip attachment were modeled using specific software (SolidWorks 2010). The studied variables were: latero-lateral inclination of one implant (-10 degrees, -5 degrees, 0 degrees, +5 degrees, +10 degrees); vertical misfit on the other implant (50, 100, 200 mu m); and framework material (Au type IV, Ag-Pd, Ti cp, Co-Cr). Solid models were imported into mechanical simulation software (ANSYS Workbench 11). All nodes on the bone's external surface were constrained and a displacement was applied to simulate the settling of the framework on the ill-fitted component. Von Mises stress for the prosthetic components and maximum principal stress to the bone tissue were evaluated. Results. The +10 degrees inclination presented the worst biomechanical behavior, promoting the highest stress values on the bar framework and peri-implant bone tissue. The -5 degrees group presented the lowest stress values on the prosthetic components and the lowest stress value on peri-implant bone tissue was observed in -10 degrees. Increased vertical misfit caused an increase on the stress values in all evaluated structures. Stiffer framework materials caused a considerable stress increase in the framework itself, prosthetic screw of the fitted component and peri-implant bone tissue. Conclusions. Inclination of one implant associated with vertical misfit caused a relevant effect on the stress distribution in bar-clip retained overdentures. Different framework materials promoted increased levels of stress in all the evaluated structures.
Subject: Implant Bone Tissue
Vertical Misfit
Framework Material
Horizontal Misfit
Country: LONDON
Citation: Overdenture Retaining Bar Stress Distribution: A Finite-element Analysis. Informa Healthcare, v. 73, p. 274-279 MAY-2015.
Rights: embargo
Identifier DOI: 10.3109/00016357.2014.923111
Date Issue: 2015
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