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2016Material Limited High-q Mechanical Paddle-resonatorLuiz; Gustavo O.; Santos; Felipe G. S.; Benevides; Rodrigo; Espinel; Yovanny A. V.; Alegre; Thiago P. M.; Wiederhecker; Gustavo S.-Congresso
2016Hammerstein-based Equalizer For Nonlinear Compensation In Coherent Ofdm Long-reach PonsTorres-Zugaide; Jose; Aldaya; Ivan; Campuzano; G.; Castanon; Gerardo-Congresso
2016Reduction Of Ultrasonic Indoor Localization Infrastructure Based On The Use Of Graph InformationGualda; D.; Urena; J.; Garcia; J. C.; Alcala; J.; Miyadaira; A. N.-Congresso
2016Optimal Schedule Of Dispatchable Dg In Electrical Distribution Systems With Extended Dynamic ProgrammingVergara; Pedro P.; Lopez; Juan C.; Lyra; Christiano; da Silva; Luiz C. P.-Congresso
2016Harmonic Analysis Of Static Var Compensator Operating Under Distorted VoltagesLiberado; E. V.; Pomilio; J. A.; Marafao; F. P.-Congresso
2016Analysis And Tests Of Power Quality In Aviation EnvironmentAlves; Joao V. G.; de Figueiredo; Pedro A.; Malizia; Ivan de F.; Pomilio; Jose A.-Congresso
2016Influence Of Actual Transposition Representation And Adequacy Of Ac Link Based On Half Wavelength Properties For Long Distance TransmissionSantiago Ortega; Javier Arturo; Dias Tavares; Maria Cristina-Congresso
2016Optical Fiber Tactile Sensor For User InterfacesFujiwara; Eric; Paula; Francine D.; Wu; Yu Tzu; Santos; Murilo F. M.; Suzuki; Carlos K.-Congresso
2016The Impact Of Multiple Power Levels On The Lifetime Of Wireless Sensor NetworksMoura Miranda; Felipe Antonio; Cardieri; Paulo-Congresso
2016Ultra-compact Broadband Dielectric AntennaPita; Julian L.; Dainese; Paulo; Hernandez-Figueroa; Hugo E.; Gabrielli; Lucas H.-Congresso