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2002Mono and double polar [4+2(+)] Diels-Alder cycloaddition of acylium ions with O-heterodienesMeurer, EC; Eberlin, MNArtigo de periódico
2011Cyclopentadienyl and pentamethylcyclopentadienyl ruthenium complexes as catalysts for the total deoxygenation of 1,2-hexanediol and glycerolThibault, ME; DiMondo, DV; Jennings, M; Abdelnur, PV; Eberlin, MN; Schlaf, MArtigo de periódico
2001Cyclization of acylium ions with nitriles: gas-phase synthesis and characterization of 1,3,5-oxadiazinium ionsMeurer, EC; Moraes, LAB; Eberlin, MNArtigo de periódico
2005Cyclization reactions of acylium and thioacylium ions with isocyanates and isothiocyanates: Gas phase synthesis of 3,4-dihydro-2,4-dioxo-2H-1,3,5-oxadiazinium ionsMeurer, EC; Sparrapan, R; Tomazela, DM; Eberlin, MN; Augusti, RArtigo de periódico
2011Coordinated nitroxyl anion is produced and released as nitrous oxide by the decomposition of iridium-coordinated nitrosothiolsKazhdan, D; Perissinotti, LL; Watanabe, B; Eberlin, MN; Milagre, HMS; Vaz, BG; Estrin, DA; Doctorovich, FArtigo de periódico
2004Coupling of vinylic tellurides with alkynes catalyzed by palladium dichloride: Evaluation of synthetic and mechanistic detailsRaminelli, C; Prechtl, MHG; Santos, LS; Eberlin, MN; Comasseto, JVArtigo de periódico
2011Purification and structural characterization of fengycin homologues produced by Bacillus subtilis LSFM-05 grown on raw glycerolde Faria, AF; Stefani, D; Vaz, BG; Silva, IS; Garcia, JS; Eberlin, MN; Grossman, MJ; Alves, OL; Durrant, LRArtigo de periódico
2008Quantitation of trace phenolic compounds in water by trap-and-release membrane introduction mass spectrometry after acetylationSparrapan, R; Eberlin, MN; Alberici, RMArtigo de periódico
2013Quantitation of triacylglycerols in vegetable oils and fats by easy ambient sonic-spray ionization mass spectrometryFernandes, AMAP; Fernandes, GD; Simas, RC; Barrera-Arellano, D; Eberlin, MN; Alberici, RMArtigo de periódico
2006Proteomic and SAGE profiling of murine melanoma progression indicates the reduction of proteins responsible for ROS degradationde Souza, GA; Godoy, LMF; Teixeira, VR; Otake, AH; Sabino, A; Rosa, JC; Dinarte, AR; Pinheiro, DG; Silva, WA; Eberlin, MN; Chammas, R; Greene, LJArtigo de periódico