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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)AdvisorType
2019Core-niobium pentoxide carbon-shell nanoparticles decorating multiwalled carbon nanotubes as electrode for electrochemical capacitorsRafael Vicentini; Davi Marcelo Soares; Willian Nunes; Bruno Freitas; Lenon Costa; Leonardo M. da Silva; Hudson Zanin-Artigo
2019How to measure and calculate equivalent series resistance of electric double-layer capacitorsRafael Vicentini; Leonardo Morais Da Silva; Edson Pedro Cecilio Junior; Thayane Almeida Alves, Willian Gonçalves Nunes, Hudson Zanin-Artigo
2019Nickel oxide nanoparticles supported onto oriented multi-walled carbon nanotube as electrodes for electrochemical capacitorsWillian G. Nunes; Leonardo M. Da Silva; Rafael Vicentini; Bruno G. A. Freitas; Lenon H. Costa; Aline M. Pascon; Hudson Zanin,-Artigo
2019Highly stable nickel-aluminum alloy current collectors and highly defective multi-walled carbon nanotubes active material for neutral aqueous-based electrochemical capacitorsRafael Vicentini; Willian G. Nunes; Lenon H. da Costa; Leonardo M. Da Silva; Aline Pascon; Paloma Jackson; Gustavo Doubek; Hudson Zanin-Artigo
2019Supercapacitive properties, anomalous diffusion, and porous behavior of nanostructured mixed metal oxides containing Sn, Ru, and IrJosé J.S.Teles; Emanuel R. Faria; Jéferson H. M. Santos; Lindomar G. De Sousa; Débora V. Franco; Willian G. Nunes; Hudson Zanin; Leonardo M. Da Silva-Artigo
2019Multi-walled carbon nanotubes and activated carbon composite material as electrodes for electrochemical capacitorsRafael Vicentini; Willian G. Nunes; Lenon H. da Costa; Leonardo M. Da Silva; Bruno Freitas; Aline M. Pascon; Otávio Vilas-Boas; Hudson Zanin-Artigo
2018Surface and electrochemical properties of radially oriented multiwalled carbon nanotubes grown on stainless steel meshWillian G. Nunes; Rafel Vicentini; Leonardo M. da Silva; Lenon H. Costa; Thais Tadeu; Hudson Zanin-Artigo
2018Direct growth of mesopourous carbon on aluminum foil for supercapacitors devicesRafael Vicentini; Lenon Henrique Costa; Willian Nunes; Otávio Vilas Boas; Davi Marcelo Soares; Tayane Almeida Alves; Carla Real; Caroline Bueno; Alfredo Carlos Peterlevitz; Hudson Zanin-Artigo
2019Environmentaly friendly functionalization of porous carbon electrodes for aqueous-based electrochemical capacitorsRafael Vicentini; Willian Gonçalves Nunes; Lenon Henrique Costa; Aline pascon; Leonardo Morais da Silva; Maurício Baldan; Hudson Zanin-Artigo
2019Recent advances in metallic glass nanostructures: synthesis strategies and electrocatalytic applicationsJinyang Li; Gustavo Doubek; Lyndsey McMillon-Brown; André D. Taylor-Artigo