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2014Controlling photo-oxidation processes of a polyfluorene derivative: The effect of additives and mechanismFerreira, GR; Nowacki, B; Magalhaes, A; DeAzevedo, ER; de Sa, EL; Akcelrud, LC; Bianchi, RFArtigo de periódico
2012Crystal structure and theoretical studies of the keto-enol isomerism of N,N '-bis(salicylidene)-o-phenylenediamine (salophen)Mota, VZ; de Carvalho, GSG; Corbi, PP; Bergamini, FRG; Formiga, ALB; Diniz, R; Freitas, MCR; da Silva, AD; Cuin, AArtigo de periódico
2013Crystal structure of fluorite-related Ln(3)SbO(7) (Ln=La-Dy) ceramics studied by synchrotron X-ray diffraction and Raman scatteringSiqueira, KPF; Borges, RM; Granado, E; Malard, LM; de Paula, AM; Moreira, RL; Bittar, EM; Dias, AArtigo de periódico
2011COORDINATE-FREE CLASSIC GEOMETRIESAnan'in, S; Grossi, CHArtigo de periódico
2014Correlations between circulating levels of adipokines and anti-angiogenic factors in women with BMI < 30 and a late-onset preeclampsiaEleuterio, NM; Palei, ACT; Machado, JSR; Tanus-Santos, JE; Cavalli, RC; Sandrim, VCArtigo de periódico
2014Coupled plate energy models at mid- and high-frequency vibrationsPereira, VS; Dos Santos, JMCArtigo de periódico
2013Quantum state tomography with incomplete data: Maximum entropy and variational quantum tomographyGoncalves, DS; Lavor, C; Gomes-Ruggiero, MA; Cesario, AT; Vianna, RO; Maciel, TOArtigo de periódico
2013Protective effect of gamma-tocopherol-enriched diet on N-methyl-N-nitrosourea-induced epithelial dysplasia in rat ventral prostateSanches, LD; Santos, SAA; Carvalho, JR; Jeronimo, GDM; Favaro, WJ; Reis, MDG; Felisbino, SL; Justulin, LAArtigo de periódico
2011Protective action against chemical-induced genotoxicity and free radical scavenging activities of Stryphnodendron adstringens ("barbatimao") leaf extractsdos Santos, PR; Ferreira, LA; Gouvea, CMCPArtigo de periódico
2011Three-point bending testing of fibre posts: critical analysis by finite element analysisNovais, VR; Versluis, A; Correr-Sobrinho, L; Soares, CJArtigo de periódico