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2006Cytotoxic action in myoblasts and myotubes (C2C12) and enzymatic characterization of a new phospholipase A(2) isoform (Bj-V) from Bothrops jararacussu venomBonfim, VL; Ponce-Soto, LA; Novello, JC; Marangoni, SArtigo de periódico
1998Mitochondrial swelling and oxygen consumption during respiratory state 4 induced by phospholipase A(2) isoforms isolated from the South American rattlesnake (Crotalus durissus terrificus) venomValente, RH; Novello, JC; Marangoni, S; Oliveira, B; Pereira-Da-Silva, L; Macedo, DVArtigo de periódico
2003Crotapotin induced modification of T lymphocyte proliferative response through interference with PGE(2) synthesisGarcia, F; Toyama, MH; Castro, FR; Proenca, PL; Marangoni, S; Santos, LMBArtigo de periódico
2005Cross-neutralization of the neurotoxicity of Crotalus durissus terrificus and Bothrops jararacussu venoms by antisera against crotoxin and phospholipase A(2) from Crotalus durissus cascavella venomBeghini, DG; da Cruz-Hofling, MA; Randazzo-Moura, P; Rodrigues-Simioni, L; Novello, JC; Hyslop, S; Marangoni, SArtigo de periódico
2007Crystallization and preliminary X-ray crystallographic analysis of the heterodimeric crotoxin complex and the isolated subunits crotapotin and phospholipase A(2)Santos, KF; Murakami, MT; Cintra, ACO; Toyama, MH; Marangoni, S; Forrer, VP; Neto, JRB; Polikarpov, I; Arni, RKArtigo de periódico
2001Crystallization and preliminary X-ray diffraction analysis of a novel trypsin inhibitor from seeds of Copaifera langsdorffiiKrauchenco, S; Silva, JA; Nagem, RAP; Neto, JRB; Forrer, VP; Ferreira, RCE; Macedo, MLR; Novello, JC; Marangoni, S; Polikarpov, IArtigo de periódico
1998Crystallization and preliminary X-ray diffraction studies of piratoxin II, a phospholipase A(2) isolated from the venom of Bothrops pirajaiLee, WH; Goncalez, MC; Ramalheira, RMF; Kuser, PR; Toyama, MH; Oliveira, B; Giglio, JR; Marangoni, S; Polikarpov, IArtigo de periódico
1998Crystallization and preliminary diffraction data of neurotoxin Ts-gamma from the venom of the scorpion Tityus serrulatusGolubev, AM; Lee, WH; Marangoni, S; Novello, JC; Oliveira, B; Toyama, MH; Polikarpov, IArtigo de periódico
1999Crystal structure of neurotoxin Ts1 from Tityus serrulatus provides insights into the specificity and toxicity of scorpion toxinsPolikarpov, I; Matilde, MS; Marangoni, S; Toyama, MH; Teplyakov, AArtigo de periódico
2003Crystal structure of the Kunitz (STI)-type inhibitor from Delonix regia seedsKrauchenco, S; Pando, SC; Marangoni, S; Polikarpov, IArtigo de periódico