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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)AdvisorType
20-Jul-2015Michel Foucault: O Trajeto Da Voz Na Ordem Do DiscursoMarcos Aurélio Barbai; Fabiana Claudia Viana Borges-Resenha
2016Activation Of Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress In The Intestinal Mucosa Of Crohn's Disease PatientsCoope; A; Botezelli; JD; Ayrizono; MLS; Velloso; LA; Leal; RF-Resenha
2016O Filho De Saul, De László Nemes: Um Novo Mito De Auschwitz?Seligmann-Silva; M-Resenha
2016Influence Of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms In Wheezing After Acute Viral BronchiolitisAlvarez; AE; Marson; FAD; Santiago; J; Bertuzzo; CS; Arns; C; Ribeiro; JD-Resenha
2016The Quality Of The Sweat Test Considering The Proportion Of Sodium And Chloride As Quality Parameter: Are We On The Right Way?Faria; AGFG; Marson; FAD; Ribeiro; AF; Gomez; CCS; Servidoni; MD; Ribeiro; JD-Resenha
2016One-year Follow-up Of Infants Hospitalized For Severe Acute Viral BronchiolitisAlvarez; AE; Marson; FAD; Santiago; J; Bertuzzo; CS; Arns; CW; Ribeiro; JD-Resenha
2016Genetic Variants Associated With Lung Function In Allergic AsthmaMarson; FADL; Bertuzzo; CS; Ribeiro; MAGD; Toro; AADC; de Araujo; TK; Ribeiro; JD-Resenha
2016Performance Of Infection/colonization Chronic Of The Lung In Cystic Fibrosis: A Genetic Model To Establish The Clinical VariabilityMarson; FAD; Bertuzzo; CS; Toro; ADC; Ribeiro; MAGD; Ribeiro; AF; Ribeiro; JD-Resenha
2016Evaluation Of The Ventilatory Efficiency Index (ve/vco2) As A Prognosis Marker In Patients With Cystic FibrosisParazzi; PLF; Marson; FAD; Ribeiro; MAGD; Schivinski; CIS; Ribeiro; AF; Ribeiro; JD-Resenha
2016Stenotrophomonas Maltophilia: Prevalence And Clinical Significance In 12 Years Of Follow-up In Hc-unicampArrym; MP; Aiello; TB; Mauch; RM; Ribeiro; JD; Ribeiro; AF; Levy; CE-Resenha