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2017Visualizing The Hidden Activity Of Artificial Neural NetworksRauber; Paulo E.; Fadel; Samuel G.; Falcao; Alexandre X.; Telea; Alexandru C.-Congresso
2016Risk Assessment Of User-defined Security Configurations For Android DevicesVecchiato; Daniel; Vieira; Marco; Martins; Eliane-Congresso
2016An Application Of Gain-scheduled Control Using State-space Interpolation To Hydroactive Gas BearingsTheisen; Lukas R. S.; Camino; Juan F.; Niemann; Hans H.-Congresso
2016Mimo Arx-sdp Model Estimation Proposal And Application To A Hydraulic SystemAlegria; Elvis Jara; Bottura; Celso Pascoli-Congresso
2016Long-time Choledochal Clamping In Wistar Rats Causes Biliary Obstruction Progressing To Hepatic FibrosisJorge; G. D. L.; Tartaro; R. R.; Escanhoela; C. A. F.; Boin; I. D. F. S. F.-Congresso
2016Respiratory Profile In Patients After Liver Transplantationda Silva; M. M. C.; Corcha; R. A.; Oliveira da Silva; A. M.; Franco; F. J. B. Z.; de Souza Almeida; J. R.; Boin; I. F. S. F.-Congresso
2016A New Species Of Hyphessobrycon (characiformes: Characidae) From The Upper Rio Juruena Basin, Central Brazil, With A Redescription Of H. CyanotaeniaDagosta; Fernando C. P.; Marinho; Manoela M. F.; Camelier; Priscila; Lima; Flavio C. T.-Congresso
2016Enhanced Textile Dye Decolorization By Marine-derived Basidiomycete Peniophora Sp Cbmai 1063 Using Integrated Statistical DesignBonugli-Santos; Rafaella C.; Vieira; Gabriela A. L.; Collins; Catherine; Fernandes; Thais Cristina C.; Marin-Morales; Maria Aparecida; Murray; Patrick; Sette; Lara D.-Congresso
2016Temporal Frequent Value LocalityOrosa; Lois; Azevedo; Rodolfo-Congresso
2016An Approach To Knowledge Acquisition Based On Verbal SemanticsVasques; Dildre G.; Zambon; Antonio C.; Baioco; Gisele B.; Martins; Paulo S.-Congresso