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2001Apoptotic Cells In A Peripheral Blood Smear In The Context Of Ebv Infection [2]Pagnano K.B.B.; Vassallo J.; Lorand-Metze I.; Costa F.F.; Saad S.T.O.-Carta
1994β(s)-gene-cluster Haplotypes In Sickle Cell Anemia Patients From Two Regions Of Brazil [4]Costa F.F.; Arruda V.R.; Goncalves M.G.; Miranda S.R.P.; Carvalho M.H.; Sonati M.F.; Saad S.O.T.; Gesteira F.; Fernandes D.; Nascimento M.L.; Queiroz I.L.-Carta
1994Hairy-cell Leukemia And Glucose-6-phosphate Dehydrogenase [1]Arruda V.R.; Saad S.T.O.; Costa F.F.-Carta
2012Hydroxyurea Is Associated With Reductions In Hypercoagulability Markers In Sickle Cell AnemiaColella M.P.; De Paula E.V.; Conran N.; Machado-Neto J.A.; Annicchino-Bizzacchi J.M.; Costa F.F.; Saad S.T.O.; Traina F.-Carta
2006Hemoglobin Hammersmith [β 42 (cd1) Phe → Ser] In A Brazilian Girl With Congenital Heinz Body Hemolytic Anemia [1]Sonati M.D.F.; Kimura E.M.; Abreu C.F.; Oliveira D.M.; Pinheiro V.R.P.; Costa F.F.-Carta
2008The Deletion Of Sox8 Is Not Associated With Atr-16 In An Hbh Family From BrazilBezerra M.A.C.B.; Araujo A.S.; Phylipsen M.; Balak D.; Kimura E.M.; Oliveira D.M.; Costa F.F.; Sonati M.F.; Harteveld C.L.-Carta
2014Prominent Role Of Platelets In The Formation Of Circulating Neutrophil-red Cell Heterocellular Aggregates In Sickle Cell AnemiaDominical V.M.; Samse L.; Nichols J.S.; Costa F.F.; McCoy J.P.; Conran N.; Kato G.J.-Carta
1993Hepatitis C Antibody (anti-hcv) Prevalence In Brazilian Patients With Sickle Cell Diseases [4]Arruda V.R.; Eid K.A.B.; Zen G.C.; Goncales N.S.; Saad S.T.O.; Costa F.F.-Carta
1990Normal Monocyte Migratory Response In Patients With Sickle Cell DiseaseVilela M.M.S.; Sampaio M.S.C.; Brandalise S.R.; Costa F.F.-Carta
2012Thalassemia Major Phenotypes Secondary To The Association Of β 5′utr +20(c→t) Allele With β 39(c→t)Fattori A.; Fertrin K.Y.; de Albuquerque D.M.; Bezerra M.A.C.; Santos M.N.N.D.; de Castro S.M.; Costa F.F.-Carta