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2019Targeting mitochondrial quality control for treating sarcopenia: lessons from physical exercisePicca, Anna; Calvani, Riccardo; Leeuwenburgh, Christiaan; Coelho-Junior, Helio Jose; Bernabei, Roberto; Landi, Francesco; Marzetti, Emanuele-Artigo
Jul-2019Periodized and non-periodized resistance training programs on body composition and physical function of older womenCoelho-Júnior, Hélio José; Gonçalvez, Ivan de Oliveira; Sampaio, Ricardo Aurélio Carvalho; Sampaio, Priscila Yukari Sewo; Cadore, Eduardo Lusa; Izquierdo, Mikel; Marzetti, Emanuele; Uchida, Marco Carlos-Artigo
Jul-2019Inflammatory signatures in older persons with physical frailty and sarcopenia : the frailty “cytokinome” at its coreMarzetti, Emanuele; Picca, Anna; Marini, Federico; Biancolillo, Alessandra; Coelho-Junior, Hélio José; Gervasoni, Jacopo; Bossola, Maurizio; Cesari, Matteo; Onder, Graziano; Landi, Francesco; Bernabei, Roberto; Calvani, Riccardo-Artigo
2019High relative consumption of vegetable protein is associated with faster walking speed in well-functioning older adultsCoelho-Junior, Helio J.; Calvani, Riccardo; Goncalves, Ivan O.; Rodrigues, Bruno; Picca, Anna; Landi, Francesco; Bernabei, Roberto; Uchida, Marco C.; Marzetti, Emanuele-Artigo
Oct-2019The metabolomics side of frailty : toward personalized medicine for the agedPicca, Anna; Coelho-Junior, Hélio José; Cesari, Matteo; Marini, Federico; Miccheli, Alfredo; Gervasoni, Jacopo; Bossola, Maurizio; Landi, Francesco; Bernabei, Roberto; Marzetti, Emanuele; Calvani, Riccardo-Artigo
Nov-2019If my muscle could talk : myokines as a biomarker of frailtyCoelho-Junior, Hélio J.; Picca, Anna; Calvani, Riccardo; Uchida, Marco C.; Marzetti, Emanuele-Artigo
May-2019Sarcopenia-related parameters in adults with down syndrome : a cross-sectional exploratory studyHélio José, Coelho-Junior; Villani, Emanuele Rocco; Calvani, Riccardo; Carfì, Angelo; Picca, Anna; Landi, Francesco; Bernabei, Roberto; Onder, Graziano; Marzetti, Emanuele-Artigo
2019Mitochondrial dysfunction and aging: insights from the analysis of extracellular vesiclesPicca, Anna; Guerra, Flora; Calvani, Riccardo; Bucci, Cecilia; Lo Monaco, Maria Rita; Bentivoglio, Anna Rita; Coelho-Junior, Helio Jose; Landi, Francesco; Bernabei, Roberto; Marzetti, Emanuele-Artigo
2019Dynamic resistance training improves cardiac autonomic modulation and oxidative stress parameters in chronic stroke survivors : a randomized controlled trialGambassi, Bruno Bavaresco; Coelho Junior, Hello Jose; dos Santos, Camila Paixao; Goncalves, Ivan de Oliveira; Mostarda, Cristiano Teixeira; Marzetti, Emanuele; Sotao, Samir Seguins; Uchida, Marco Carlos; De Angelis, Katia; Rodrigues, Bruno-Artigo