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2019Effect of chitosan size on destabilization of oil/water emulsions stabilized bywhey proteinLopes, Isadora S.; Michelon, Mariano; Forster Carneiro, Tânia; Cunha, Rosiane L.; Picone, Carolina S. F.-Artigo
2016Spray dried microparticles of chia oil using emulsion stabilized by wheyprotein concentrate and pectin by electrostatic depositionNoello, C.; Carvalho, A. G. S.; Silva, V. M.; Hubinger, M. D.-Artigo
2017Production of mango powder by spray drying and cast-tape dryingZotarelli, M. F.; Silva, V. M.; Durigon, A.; Hubinger, M. D.; Laurindo, J. B.-Artigo
2016Solid lipid microparticles produced by spray chilling technique to deliverginger oleoresin: structure and compound retentionOriani, Vivian Boesso; Alvim, Izabela Dutra; Consoli, Larissa; Molina, Gustavo; Pastore, Glaucia Maria; Hubinger, Míriam Dupas-Artigo
2016Ultrasound assisted extraction and nanofiltration of phenoliccompounds from artichoke solid wastesRabelo, Renata S.; Machado, Mariana T. C.; Martínez, Julian; Hubinger, Miriam D.-Artigo
2016Clarification and concentration of oligosaccharides from artichokeextract by a sequential process with microfiltration and nanofiltrationmembranesMachado, Mariana T. C.; Trevisan, Susane; Pimentel-Souza, Jane D. R.; Pastore, Glaucia M.; Hubinger, Miriam D.-Artigo
2016Physical properties and morphology of spray dried microparticlescontaining anthocyanins of jussara (euterpe edulis martius) extractCarvalho, Ana Gabriela da Silva; Machado, Mariana Teixeira da Costa; Silva, Vanessa Martins da; Sartoratto, Adilson; Rodrigues, Rodney Alexandre Ferreira; Hubinger, Miriam Dupas-Artigo
2015Prebiotic oligosaccharides from artichoke industrial waste: evaluation of different extraction methodsMachado, Mariana T. C.; Eça, Kaliana S.; Vieira, Gláucia S.; Menegalli, Florencia C.; Martínez, Julian; Hubinger, Miriam D.-Artigo
2015Inhibition of cholesterol and polyunsaturated fatty acids oxidation through the use of annatto and bixin in high‐pressure processed fishFigueirêdo, Bruno C.; Bragagnolo, Neura; Skibsted, Leif H.; Orlien, Vibeke-Artigo
2015Ascorbic acid microencapsulation by spray chilling: production and characterizationSartori, Tanara; Consoli, Larissa; Hubinger, Miriam Dupas; Menegalli, Florencia Cecilia-Artigo
2015Development of active films from pectin and fruit extracts: light protection, antioxidant capacity, and compounds stabilityEça, Kaliana S.; Machado, Mariana T. C.; Hubinger, Miriam D.; Menegalli, Florencia C.-Artigo
2015Evaluation of pequi (caryocar brasiliense camb.)aqueous extract quality processed by membranesMachado, Mariana T. C.; Mello, Beatriz C. B. S.; Hubinger, Miriam D.-Artigo
2015Alginate and pectin-based particles coated with globular proteins: production, characterization and anti-oxidative propertiesTello, Fernando; Falfan-Cortés, Reyna Nallely; Martinez-Bustos, Fernando; Silva, Vanessa Martins da; Hubinger, Miriam Dupas; Grosso, Carlos-Artigo
2016Gallic acid microparticles produced by spray chilling technique: production and characterizationConsoli, Larissa; Grimaldi, Renato; Sartori, Tanara; Menegalli, Florencia Cecilia; Hubinger, Míriam Dupas-Artigo
2011Mode of operation and low-resolution structure of a multi-domain and hyperthermophilic endo-β-1,3-glucanase from thermotoga petrophilaCota, Junio; Alvarez, Thabata M.; Citadini, Ana P.; Santos, Camila Ramos; Oliveira Neto, Mario de; Oliveira, Renata R.; Pastore, Glaucia M.; Ruller, Roberto; Prade, Rolf A.; Murakami, Mario T.; Squina, Fabio M.-Artigo
2008Effect of chemical treatment on the mechanical properties, water vapour permeability and sorption isotherms of gelatin‐based filmsCarvalho, R. A.; Grosso, C. R. F.; Sobral, P. J. A.-Artigo
2009Microcapsules of a casein hydrolysate: production, characterization, and application in protein barsRocha, G. A.; Trindade, M. A.; Netto, F. M.; Favaro-Trindade, C. S.-Artigo
2010The use of spray drying technology to reduce bitter taste of casein hydrolysateFavaro-Trindade, C. S.; Santana, A. S.; Monterrey-Quintero, E. S.; Trindade, M. A.; Netto, F. M.-Artigo
2010Production systems – an example from BrazilFerraz, José Bento Sterman; Felício, Pedro Eduardo de-Artigo
2010Processing optimization of probiotic yogurt containing glucose oxidase using response surface methodologyCruz, A. G.; Faria, J. A. F.; Walter, E. H. M.; Andrade, R. R.; Cavalcanti, R. N.; Oliveira, C. A. F.; Granato, D.-Artigo
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 815