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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)AdvisorType
2019Fundus photography quality assessment based on topological extinction valuesSilva, Alexandre Goncalves; Moreira, Fabio; Fouto, Marina Silva; Arthur, Rangel; Arthur, Angelica Moises; Iano, Yuzo; Faria, Jacqueline Mendonca Lopes de-Artigo
2019Measuring dielectric properties by two methods using software-defined radioChuma, Euclides Lourenco; Iano, Yuzo; Bravo Roger, Leonardo Lorenzo; Fontgalland, Glauco-Artigo
2020The axis “human papillomavirus - anal squamous cell carcinoma”: a reviewMonteiro, Ana Carolina Borges; Khelassi, Abdeldjalil; Tananska, Valeria; Iano, Yuzo; Arthur, Rangel; Padilha França, Reinaldo-Artigo
2019Medical-laboratory algorithm WTH-MO for segmentation of digital images of blood cells: a new methodology for making hemogramsMonteiro, Ana M.; Iano, Yuzo; França, Reinaldo; Arthur, Rangel-Artigo
2019A proposal to improve channels with rician fading through the methodology CBEDEFrança, Reinaldo; Iano, Yuzo; Monteiro, Ana M.; Arthur, Rangel-Artigo
2019Proposal for improvement of information transmission in OFDM systems RHMF the CBEDE methodologyPadilha, Reinaldo; Iano, Yuzo; Borges Monteiro, Ana Carolina; Arthur, Rangel-Artigo
2019Applied medical informatics in the detection and counting of erythrocytes and leukocytes RHMF the image segmentation algorithmBorges Monteiro, Ana Carolina; Iano, Yuzo; Padilha França, Reinaldo; Arthur, Rangel-Artigo
2014Employing light field cameras in surveillance: an analysis of light field cameras in a surveillance scenarioHiga, Rogério Seiji; Iano, Yuzo; Leite, Ricardo Barroso; Chavez, Roger Fredy Larico; Arthur, Rangel-Artigo
2014Reliability and validity of digital assessment of perifoveal capillary network measurement using high-resolution imagingFaria, Jacqueline Mendonça Lopes de; Duarte, Diego Andreazzi; Larico Chavez, Roger Fredy; Arthur, Angélica Moises; Arthur, Rangel; Iano, Yuzo-Artigo