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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)AdvisorType
2020Neutron matter in the unitary limit with implicit renormalization of short range interactionsRuiz Arriola, E.; Szpigel, S.; Timóteo, V.S.-Artigo
2020Exploring high quality chiral forcesBatista, E.F.; Szpigel, S.; Timóteo, V.S.-Artigo
2020Sorting by genome rearrangements on both gene order and intergenic sizesBrito, Klairton Lima; Jean, Geraldine; Fertin, Guillaume; Oliveira, Andre Rodrigues; Dias, Ulisses; Dias, Zanoni-Artigo
2020Effects of wastewater disinfectants on the soil : implications for soil microbial and chemical attributesAgnelo, Lucas; Leonel, Lays Paulino; Silva, Noely Bochi; Candello, Fernando Pena; Schneider, Jerusa; Tonetti, Adriano Luiz-Artigo
2020Compaction pressure and Si content effects on compressive strengths of Al/Si/Cu alloy compositesMeyer, Yuri A.; Bonatti, Rodrigo S.; Costa, Diego; Bortolozo, Ausdinir D.; Osorio, Wislei R.-Artigo
2020A review on the use of chelating agents as an alternative to promote photo-Fenton at neutral pH: Current trends, knowledge gap and future studiesAhile, U.J.; Wuana, R.A.; Itodo, A.U.; Sha'Ato, R.; Dantas, R.F.-Artigo
2020Lethal and sub-lethal effects of nitrofurantoin on zebrafish early-life stagesOliveira, Reginaldo Carlyle Silva de; Oliveira, Rhaul; Rodrigues, Maria Augusta Carvalho; Farias, Natália Oliveira de; Sousa-Moura, Diego; Nunes, Nilma Almeida; Andrade, Thayres S.; Grisolia, Cesar Koppe-Artigo
2020Assessment of p-aminophenol oxidation by simulating the process of hair dyeing and occurrence in hair salon wastewater and drinking water from treatment plantde Souza, J.C.; da Silva, B.F.; Morales, D.A.; Umbuzeiro, G.D.A.; Zanoni, M.V.B.-Artigo