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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Viral agents and their correlation with the genetic profile of predisposition to human neoplastic and autoimmune diseases
Author: Leite, JL
Ward, LS
Morari, EC
Bufalo, NE
Guilhen, ACT
Santos, RB
Abstract: Herpesviruses (HHV) are ubiquitous, have broad tissue tropism and have been found in the thyroid, which can be a reservoir of latent HHV. HHV are considered potential carcinogenic agents and have been identified in many malignancies. More recently, they have also been associated to a series of autoimmune conditions. TP53 gene plays a critical role in cell cycle control, facilitating DNA repair activities and protecting against DNA damages. HHV infected cells may gain a dangerous survival time in individuals with impairing apoptotic ability, such as that caused by TP53 gene polymorphisms. Other genes involved in the response to environmental aggressions, such as the genes that codify the Glutathione S-Trans ferase (GST) and other enzymatic protective systems, may modulate the risk of developing diseases. We recently demonstrated an increased risk for HHV6 infection in individuals that inherited a codon 72 TP53 polymorphism which reduces p53 apoptotic activity. Our studies demonstrated a higher prevalence of HHV type 6 in patients submitted to renal transplants than in a control population, suggesting that TP53 gene polymorphisms might affect the susceptibility to HHV infection. In addition, we observed that HHV can increase the risk of skin cancer, an event associated with the Glutathione S-Trans ferase (GST) genotypic profile GSTM1-GSTT1+. More recently, while investigating autoimmune diseases, we observed a high prevalence of HHV type 7, but not type 6 infection in Graves' disease patients. These individuals also presented the codon 72 TP53 germline polymorphism more frequently. Although further studies are needed, our results suggest that viral agents such as HHV may trigger autoimmune as well as neoplastic diseases in individuals with a predisposing genetic profile.
Subject: herpesvirus
autoimmune diseases
genetic profile
Country: Argentina
Editor: Soc Iberoamericana Informacion Cientifica-s I I C
Citation: Salud I Ciencia. Soc Iberoamericana Informacion Cientifica-s I I C, v. 17, n. 3, n. 230, n. 232, 2009.
Rights: fechado
Date Issue: 2009
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