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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Linear and logarithmic subtraction for detecting enamel subsurface demineralization
Author: Haiter-Neto, F
Ferreira, RI
Tabchoury, CPM
Boscolo, F
Abstract: Objective: To compare the diagnostic performance of linear and logarithmically contrast-enhanced subtraction images, acquired with digital and digitized radiographs, in detecting approximal enamel subsurface demineralization. Methods: Fifty caries-free human third molars were immersed in a demineralizing solution for 60, 75, 90, and 120 days, in order to induce artificial enamel subsurface demineralization. The teeth were coated with nail varnish, leaving only a circular window of approximately 7 mm(2) in one of the approximal surfaces, allowing contact with the solution. Standardized radiographs of the teeth were taken prior to and after the demineralization period with three digital systems, CygnusRay MPS (R), DenOptix (R) and DIGORA (R), and InSight (R) film. Conventional, digital and digitized radiographs were assessed by three experienced radiologists. Linear and logarithmically contrast-enhanced subtraction images were acquired and then examined by a fourth independent radiologist. For the validation of the radiographic diagnosis, the enamel test areas were submitted to Knoop microhardness profiling. Radiographic interpretation data was evaluated using ROC analysis. The areas under the ROC curves (A(z)) were compared by the chi-squared test. The level of significance was set at P = 0.05. Results: No significant differences were found between linear and logarithmically contrast-enhanced subtraction images, acquired with the four studied modalities: CygnusRay MPS (R)(linear) (A(z) = 0.95), CygnusRay MPSlog(R) (A(z) = 0.98), DenOptix(linear)(R) (A(z) = 0.97), DenOptixe(log)(R)(A(z) = 0.99), DIGORA(linear)(R) inem (A(z) = 0.98), DIGORA(log)(R) (A(z) = 0.98), digitized radiography(linear) (A(z) = 0.99), digitized radiography(linear) (A(z) = 0.99). Conclusion: Linear and logarithmically contrast-enhanced subtraction images, acquired with digital and digitized radiographs, were diagnostically comparable for assessing enamel subsurface demineralization.
Subject: dental caries
diagnostic imaging
subtraction techniques
Country: Inglaterra
Editor: British Inst Radiology
Citation: Dentomaxillofacial Radiology. British Inst Radiology, v. 34, n. 3, n. 133, n. 139, 2005.
Rights: embargo
Identifier DOI: 10.1259/dmfr/92119765
Date Issue: 2005
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