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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Genomic And Chemical Insights Into Biosurfactant Production By The Mangrove-derived Strain Bacillus Safensis Ccma-560
Author: Domingos D.F.
De Faria A.F.
De Souza Galaverna R.
Eberlin M.N.
Greenfield P.
Zucchi T.D.
Melo I.S.
Tran-Dinh N.
Midgley D.
De Oliveira V.M.
Abstract: Many Bacillus species can produce biosurfactant, although most of the studies on lipopeptide production by this genus have been focused on Bacillus subtilis. Surfactants are broadly used in pharmaceutical, food and petroleum industry, and biological surfactant shows some advantages over the chemical surfactants, such as less toxicity, production from renewable, cheaper feedstocks and development of novel recombinant hyperproducer strains. This study is aimed to unveil the biosurfactant metabolic pathway and chemical composition in Bacillus safensis strain CCMA-560. The whole genome of the CCMA-560 strain was previously sequenced, and with the aid of bioinformatics tools, its biosurfactant metabolic pathway was compared to other pathways of closely related species. Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) and high-resolution TOF mass spectrometry (MS) were used to characterize the biosurfactant molecule. B. safensis CCMA-560 metabolic pathway is similar to other Bacillus species; however, some differences in amino acid incorporation were observed, and chemical analyses corroborated the genetic results. The strain CCMA-560 harbours two genes flanked by srfAC and srfAD not present in other Bacillus spp., which can be involved in the production of the analogue gramicidin. FTIR and MS showed that B. safensis CCMA-560 produces a mixture of at least four lipopeptides with seven amino acids incorporated and a fatty acid chain with 14 carbons, which makes this molecule similar to the biosurfactant of Bacillus pumilus, namely, pumilacidin. This is the first report on the biosurfactant production by B. safensis, encompassing the investigation of the metabolic pathway and chemical characterization of the biosurfactant molecule.
Editor: Springer Verlag
Citation: Applied Microbiology And Biotechnology. Springer Verlag, v. , n. , p. - , 2015.
Rights: fechado
Identifier DOI: 10.1007/s00253-015-6377-8
Date Issue: 2015
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