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Type: Artigo de periódico
Title: Nonresonant Microwave Absorption In Bi2212 Single Crystal: Second Peak And Microwave Power Dependence
Author: Srinivasu V.V.
Itoh K.-I.
HasMzume A.
Sreedevi V.
Kohmoto H.
Endo T.
Ricardo Da Suva R.
Kopelevich Y.
Moehlecke S.
Masui T.
Hayashi K.
Abstract: Nonresonant microwave absorption (NM A) measurements were carried out at liquid-nitrogen temperature on a high quality Bi2212 single crystal, as a function of microwave power in three mutual orientations of crystal ab plane, dc field (Hdc), and microwave magnetic field (Hdc). NMA line shapes in Bi2212 crystal are complicated with a narrow peak (P1 peak) located near zero field, followed by a much broader second peak (P2 peak) in the particular orientations. More excitingly, we show that the P2 peak qualitatively evolves as a function of microwave power in the orientation of Hdc ⊥ ab plane, Hw ∥ ab plane, and Hdc ⊥ Hw. In this configuration, as the microwave power is progressively increased, the broad P2 peak first gets smeared off and then a multiple peak structure appears, which develops into another narrower second peak (Ps-peak) at high enough microwave powers. In the orientation of Hdc ∥ ab plane, Hw ⊥ ab plane, and Hdc ⊥ Hw, we report for the first time the appearance and disappearance of a new second peak (P2-like peak) as a function of microwave power. © 2001 Plenum Publishing Corporation.
Citation: Journal Of Superconductivity And Novel Magnetism. , v. 14, n. 1, p. 41 - 46, 1996.
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Date Issue: 1996
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